• US court orders Gozi money-stealing virus co-creator to pay $6.9m

    Nikita Kuzmin spared further jail time after co-operating with investigators for the past three years

    WAshford7,325 pointsBadges:
  • Learn to identify the new generation of security threats and protect your network

    Viruses are able to infect corporate computer systems faster than ever before

    ComputerWeekly5,225 pointsBadges:
  • Robert Morris worm

    The Robert Morris worm is widely acknowledged as the first computer worm distributed across the Internet, and the first computer virus to receive mainstream media attention.

    Margaret Rouse19,690 pointsBadges:
  • Using ‘synergistic’ antivirus to combat multi-vector viruses and worms

    Signature scanners stop many malicious threats, but they aren't enough to combat today's multi-vector viruses and worms.

    ITKE409,090 pointsBadges:
  • Fighting viruses: Seven things you should know about antivirus tools

    Learn what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to fighting viruses as Rob Rosenberger debunks myths about AV software, updates, reports and unexploited vulnerabilities.

    ITKE409,090 pointsBadges:
  • How to solve the growing enterprise issue of cyber menace

    This issue of Information Security offers a six-part special report on the growing threat of viruses and worms and how enterprises can best battle the never-ending cyber menace.

    ITKE409,090 pointsBadges:
  • How can macro malware and macro virus threats be prevented?

    Macro viruses are back in the form of macro malware, creating a potentially major issue for enterprises. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to ensure your organization doesn't fall victim.

    searchsecurity25,515 pointsBadges:
  • Ransomware and computer blackmail viruses: a history

    Following the detection of the Gpcode blackmail virus by Kaspersky Lab, we examine the history of ransomware and computer blackmail viruses.

    ComputerWeekly5,225 pointsBadges:
  • Macro viruses reemerge in Word, Excel files

    Macro viruses haven't been popular since the early 2000s, but recent malware discoveries indicate that macro-infected Word and Excel files are on the rise.

    Michael Heller2,360 pointsBadges:
  • Mytob virus spreads in hospitals

    There is something ironic about three hospitals in London being severely hit by a virus which has nothing to do with the human immune system.

    ComputerWeekly5,225 pointsBadges:

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