• user authentication

    User authentication is the verification of an active human-to-machine transfer of credentials required for confirmation of a user’s authenticity; the term contrasts with machine authentication, which involves automated processes that do not require user input.

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  • Mainframe vulnerabilities: Be proactive rather than reactive

    What mainframe administrators really need is a discussion of mainframe vulnerabilities. Problem areas include user authentication, system dataset access, disgruntled employees, denial of service attacks, and consoles and monitors that open the system to security breaches. Author Robert Crawford...

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  • How 2FA security bolsters user authentication

    IT pros can limit their exposure by solidifying user authentication. One popular option is to implement two-factor authentication, or 2FA, security on logins.

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  • possession factor

    The possession factor, in a security context, is a category of user authentication credentials based on items that the user has with them, typically a hardware device such as a security token or a mobile phone used in conjunction with a software token.

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  • inherence factor

    The inherence factor, in a security context, is a category of user authentication credentials consisting of elements that are integral to the individual in question, in the form of biometric data.

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  • multifactor token

    Multifactor tokens are security tokens that use more than one category of credential to confirm user authentication. The standard categories of authentication credentials are knowledge factors things that the user knows) inherence factors (things that the user is) and possession factors (things...

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  • single-factor token

    A single-factor token is a small hardware device that produces one confirming credential for user authentication; the devices may be used in conjunction with other types of credentials for multifactor authentication.

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  • Is user authentication necessary to include in DR plans?

    Independent disaster recovery expert Paul Kirvan discusses user authentication in disaster recovery plans in this Expert Answer.

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  • How can I authenticate a customer calling over the phone?

    I work at an international bank and would like to authenticate users requesting wire transfers over the phone.

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