• Does your organization have a multi-vendor switch environment?

    ITKE354,800 pointsBadges:
  • How do routers and switches differ in the OSI model?

    Learn the difference between a switch and a router in relation to the OSI model in this Ask the Expert.

    searchnetworking7,895 pointsBadges:
  • Will Facebook Wedge open the switch market?

    The impact of Facebook's Wedge will be seen in the long-term effect it has on the legacy switch market.

    mailme70 pointsBadges:
  • How has your view of top-of-rack switch economics changed in recent years?

    Shamus McGillicuddy5,415 pointsBadges:
  • Should I use a hub or switch?

    I have five computers, three Win2k Pro SP2 desktops and two WinXP Home Edition laptops. One of the desktops is connected to the Internet through a USB port to a satellite modem. I want to connect the other computers to this one to create a workgroup and especially to share the Internet connection....

    ITKE354,800 pointsBadges:
  • Do managed hubs and switches require IP addresses within a LAN?

    Assigning an IP address to a managed hub/switch will allow you to administer said equipment "in-band" using telnet or a web browser, rather than requiring a direct cable hook-up to the equipment - this is quite helpful for management of equipment at remote locations where you may or may not have...

    laurapennquakers2,040 pointsBadges:
  • What is an uplink port?

    An uplink port on a hub or switch allows you to use a regular Ethernet cable to join the hub or switch to another. The uplink port oblivates the need to use a crossover cable to connect the devices.

    ITKE354,800 pointsBadges:
  • Will a switch improve network performance in my network?

    Will a switch improve network performance in the following structure? We have a server with two Ethernet cards. Connected to each card is a hub with 16 Win2000 clients. Does it make sense to replace the hubs (still 10M bit/sec) with a switch instead of a 100M bit/sec hub? We use our network for...

    ITKE354,800 pointsBadges:
  • What is the difference between a bridge vs. a switch?

    What is the difference between a bridge and a switch? Learn about bridge vs. switch definitions from a networking expert in this tip.

    AmyKucharik870 pointsBadges:
  • How has DAI been used to protect your switch infrastructure against sniffers in your organization?

    ITKE354,800 pointsBadges:

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