• Write once, run anywhere?

    Java is said to offer cross-platform compatibility, but Sun still controls the language, writes Nick Langley

    ITKE366,440 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle Sun hardware is not for hobbyists, by a long shot

    Old Sun enthusiasts lament the way it used to be, and the way it will never be again. Oracle Sun hardware is a whole other animal.

    Mark Fontecchio3,840 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle placates Sun shops with SPARC T3

    Oracle gave the nod to the Web-serving side of the Sun hardware business by announcing the successor to UltraSPARC processor, and new servers built on top of it.

    Alex Barrett3,650 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft on collision course with Sun and Novell for directory market

    AD/AM -- it's not a radio station. It's a technology that has created a sequel to the Microsoft/Novell saga. This time around, Gates and company have come for Novell's directory business and have also charted a new collision course with another old rival -- Sun.

    Margie Semilof4,270 pointsBadges:
  • Using Sun’s storage systems in Windows shops

    Sun Microsystems vows its new StorEdge 3900 and 6900 devices will support almost all operating systems--including Windows. In this interview, Sun's Bill Groth sheds light on how you can bring StorEdge into a Windows shop.

    Jan Stafford3,195 pointsBadges:
  • New Sun Galaxy servers poised for impact in the Windows enterprise market

    With a new line of x86 boxes, will the Windows faithful now take a second look at what Sun has to offer?

    ITKE366,440 pointsBadges:
  • Sun preaches open standards key to connected enterprises

    Sun evangelist Simon Phipps said open standards will foster the growth of the Internet in today's connected world.

    AmyKucharik870 pointsBadges:
  • Exec says Sun is a Linux believer

    The perception that Sun Microsystems Inc. is a reluctant supporter of Linux is just plain wrong, according to Jack O'Brien, Sun's group manager for Linux strategy and marketing. Sun's Linux operating system for Intel x86 servers is an integral part of Sun's mix-and-match platform strategy, he said....

    Jan Stafford3,195 pointsBadges:
  • Sun to provide Xen virtualization on Solaris

    Sun plans to provide support for Xen virtualization on its Solaris OS by the middle of next year in an attempt to draw more customers to its platform.

    Mark Fontecchio3,840 pointsBadges:
  • Authors slam Sun’s open source strategy

    Is Sun out of touch with the open source community? Authors Tom Adelstein and Sam Hiser think so.

    AmyKucharik870 pointsBadges:

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