• IP subnetting: How to calculate subnet masks

    These subnetting shortcuts show you how to calculate a subnet mask, break down IP address classes and explains binary – great for CCNA prep and more.

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  • What should I know about subnets when removing sites from an AD environment?

    Active Directory expert Laura E. Hunter tells a reader what to keep in mind when deleting subnets associated with sites being removed in an environment.

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  • Changing domain controller host names in building move

    We are physically moving to another building on a different subnet, which means we have to change our Windows 2003 domain controller's hostname and IP address, as well as all domain members names and IP addresess. The name of the domain will not change nor will any DNS settings. Is there a simple...

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  • Assigning an IP address ending in .0 or .255

    Subnetting and IP addressing can be difficult if you don't understand network theory. This tip explains the network theory behind IP addressing so that you can understand why, in most cases, IP addresses shouldn't end in .0 or.255.

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