• An advantage of using a stored procedure

    Suddenly, in most enterprises, ASP means Application Service Provider. But most programmers still know the acronym ASP as Active Server Page. This tip from Shelley Powers book Developing ASP Components, published by O'Reilly & Associates, looks at the advantages of using stored procedures in...

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  • stored procedure

    In a database management system (DBMS), a stored procedure is a precompiled set of Structured Query Language (SQL) statements that can be shared by a number of programs. (Continued...)

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  • Stored procedure: Determine last database backup

    You have dozens or hundreds of SQL Servers to administer and you just want to know when the last backup was taken for each database on each instance. This stored procedure will help.

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  • Check SQL Server database and log file size with this stored procedure

    Knowing the size of a SQL Server database is one of the many DBA responsibilities that you can accomplish easily with the stored procedure sp_SDS. Not only will sp_SDS determine "SQL Database Space," but it can also be used to monitor database growth, alert a DBA on data or log file growth, execute...

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  • ZIP files with a stored procedure

    A SQL Server stored procedure that zips files from a source and destination directory that you pass when calling the procedure.

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  • Quick way to find space used by each table in a database

    Use this stored procedure to find the disk space used by each table in a SQL Server database.

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  • Stored procedure: Simplify comma-separated value (CSV) exports

    Comma-separated value (CSV) exports are often used to provide SQL Server data to Excel -- but there is no simple way to export SQL Server data within a stored procedure to a file. The sp_SaveDelimitedColumns routine makes CSV exports a breeze by easily creating a file containing specific data.

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  • Stored procedure: Kill all processes

    Use this stored procedure to kill all user processes.

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  • Enabling and disabling all constraints on a table in SQL Server

    This SQL Server stored procedure will disable/enable all constraints for a given parametric table.

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  • Stored procedures vs. functions

    Differences and when to use which.

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