• Nested queries vs. temporary tables in SQL Server

    A look at when to use nested queries or temporary tables when performing large operations in Microsoft SQL Server.

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  • Supertype and subtype tables in SQL Server

    Learn how to physically implement supertype and subtype tables and clusters on a SQL Server in this excerpt from "A Developer's Guide to Data Modeling for SQL Server, Covering SQL Server 2005 and 2008" by Eric Johnson and Joshua Jones.

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  • Delete from table A if matching row exists in B

    I am using SQL. I have two tables: A and B. A has the field email and others. B also has the field email and others. I need to eliminate some records of A depending on if these records also occur in B. How can I do this by keeping the table B untouched?

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  • INSTEAD OF trigger to update a SQL Server table

    Find how to use INSTEAD OF trigger to update a SQL Server table for myDate and myTime.

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  • Creating SQL Server tables: A best practices guide

    When creating SQL Server tables, follow these quick tips for defining filegroups, indexes, key constraints and partitions to improve SQL Server performance.

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  • Building nested tables in SQL Server?

    Is it possible to build nested tables in SQL Server (I have good knowledge of Oracle and have used nested tables in Oracle for quite some time now)? I studied a few articles on Microsoft.com that state that this is possible using data mining, but I'm not sure of this concept of data mining. My...

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  • Update SQL Server table statistics for performance kick

    Here's what you need to know about using auto and manual update commands and avoiding false statistics -- two of many techniques that will fine-tune SQL Server statistics and boost performance and accuracy.

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  • Find size of SQL Server tables and other objects with stored procedure

    When determining SQL Server disk space used by an object, Microsoft's sp_spaceused has limits. Here's an original stored procedure, sp_SOS, that calculates specific object space in SQL Server. Use it to get an overview of user table sizes in a database, the summary of the total space owned by a...

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  • Enabling and disabling all constraints on a table in SQL Server

    This SQL Server stored procedure will disable/enable all constraints for a given parametric table.

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  • Tuning SQL Server table indexes: Adjusting the fill factor

    Don’t get bedeviled by SQL Server table indexes. They can fragment over time, but a little tuning goes a long way. Adjusting the fill factor for an index is common method. Read on for dos and don’ts.

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