• Do you plan on using Transparent Data Encryption on Azure SQL Database?

    rhsheldon680 pointsBadges:
  • Dan Kaminsky updates scanrand free IP port scanner

    The scanrand 2.0 IP port scanner uses a SQL database for more detailed mining and temporal field, according to creator Dan Kaminsky

    ITKE361,880 pointsBadges:
  • New Azure SQL subscription model has performance levels

    Robert Sheldon explains the new subscription model for Azure SQL Database coming out in 2015. The new model will have three service tiers -- basic, standard and premium. It will also have performance levels for each tier.

    contact1895 pointsBadges:
  • How do I allow my offsite programmer access to our ColdFusion server?

    How do I allow my offsite ColdFusion programmer access to our ColdFusion server running Win2k SQL database? I've allowed him FTP access when we had it on MS Access and that worked for file download. But we may need him to access the SQL 2000 database for maintenance. Is there a 'built-in' function...

    john111,730 pointsBadges:
  • Elite Brands turns to Data Robotics DroboElite for data backup plan

    SMB turns to Data Robotics' iSCSI system to alleviate backup problems caused by large SQL databases and little available space on standalone servers, after determining most networked storage options were too big for its needs.

    Dave Raffo5,670 pointsBadges:
  • Squirrel: The universal SQL client

    Jim Mason, president of ebt-now, shares his thoughts on the open-source product Squirrel. According to Jim, Squirrel is a great tool for accessing any type of data anywhere using SQL. In this tip, he explains what Squirrel is, the challenges of working with Squirrel and how this product could work...

    JMason11,090 pointsBadges:
  • VoltDB’s ‘new SQL’ database ups velocity for big data apps

    Data pioneer Mike Stonebraker's latest take on transactional processing is a "new SQL" database. This week it adds hooks for fast data ingestion.

    Jack Vaughan3,615 pointsBadges:
  • NuoDB cloud data management set to make SQL ‘of the cloud’

    NuoDB's software said to bring elastic scaling of cloud computing to the SQL database. The goal is to add servers for transactional jobs as needed.

    Jack Vaughan3,615 pointsBadges:
  • How to determine your SQL database through needs analysis

    Finding the best SQL database for your company can be a long-drawn-out process that should not be taken lightly. The journey starts with a single step: a thorough 'needs analysis.

    Fohlhorst550 pointsBadges:
  • Why you should think twice about Windows Azure SQL Database

    Expert Serdar Yegulalp explains why Windows Azure SQL Database may not be such a great fit for your IT shop after all. Learn what to watch out for.

    Chunter321,175 pointsBadges:

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