• For loop is not working inside program

    Hi, I would like to get below output If the input is 12-Aug-2016 the output should be 16-Aug-2016. But I'm getting 15-Aug-2016 a soutput which is offshore holiday. so created for loop it checks v_dt = holiday_date if it matches then it will increment by 1 v_dt:=v_dt+1 else v_dt but this loop is not...

    shyamkrish5 pointsBadges:
  • Most valuable skill: DBA, PL/SQL or Oracle Forms

    Want to know what skill -- DBA, PL/SQL or Oracle Forms -- is most valued in the IT industry today? Hear from SearchOracle expert Dan Clamage on the topic.

    DanClamage140 pointsBadges:
  • How to insert data from one to another PL/SQL using procedure

    I am trying to insert the data to PO_HEADERS table from po_header_temp. There are 3 columns (PO_ID_REQ int,SALES_ORDER_NUM varchar2(400),QUOTE# varchar2(400)). I have tried the following procedure. CREATE or REPLACE PROCEDURE PO_SAP_DATA ( PO_ID_REQ int, SALES_ORDER_NUM varchar2(400), QUOTE#...

    govadagk5 pointsBadges:
  • PL/SQL to display all tables

    Is there any PL/SQL to display the list of all existing tables in a DB?

    Azimfahmi585 pointsBadges:
  • Researcher: Oracle failed to patch critical app server flaw

    Attackers could exploit a critical flaw in the Oracle PLSQL Gateway, a researcher warns, saying users have been vulnerable for months, but Oracle sees it differently.

    SearchCIOMidmarket9,485 pointsBadges:
  • Displaying the output of PL/SQL procedures

    I am new to CLOB, BLOB. I tried a few examples given in Oracle complete reference book.

    ITKE440,495 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle security guru Peter Finnigan on the problem with PL/SQL

    The protective wrapping around the programming language used to write procedures and commands in the Oracle Corp. database -- PL/SQL -- isn't as ironclad as some might expect, says Oracle security guru Peter Finnigan. In this new SearchOracle.com podcast, Finnigan explains what DBAs need to know to...

    Brunola3,945 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle expert warns of weakness in PL/SQL

    A well-known Oracle bug hunter says the wrapping mechanism used for PL/SQL -- the flagship language used in Oracle databases -- can be unraveled, exposing sensitive data.

    SearchCIOMidmarket9,485 pointsBadges:

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