• How do I change my Win2k/Win98 dual-boot system into a pure Win2k environment with a backup storage

    I have a dual boot Win2000/Win98 system on disks C and D (both FAT32). I want to boot straight to Win2000 (C drive) leaving the other drive (D) as backup or as secure storage (NTFS). What is the best method of doing this? And what is the best use of the second drive?

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  • Admin Know-IT-All Question #21

    As most of us know, access control lists, or ACLs, are collections of metadata that are attached to files, folders and objects stored using the NTFS file system. Modify an object's ACL and you can restrict or allow access to that object by users or groups of users. However, ACLs don't work on any...

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  • How do I boot to a system that can execute chkdsk on NTFS?

    I have an "0x000000000024 STOP" error message that indicates an improper dismount of the NTFS file system. Microsoft suggests using chkdsk /F to fix it. However, how does one boot to a system that can execute the chkdsk on the NTFS file system? The mere presence of this bad NTFS partition causes...

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  • Restoring FAT32; changing folder name

    I recently reinstalled Win2000 and in the process did two things wrong. I let it reformat my second drive to NTFS. I would like to restore FAT32. What is simplest and best way? Also, I typed my name wrong and now I have a folder with this incorrect name. When I try to change it I am told this is...

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  • How can I migrate from an NT4 NTFS file system to Win2k NTFS?

    I have about 50 Windows NT 4.0 file and print servers that I need to migrate to Windows 2000.

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  • Fix a major ‘gotcha’

    Watch out for an NTFS glitch that can affect older operating systems.

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  • How do I restore my hard disk back to FAT?

    I recently converted my hard disk to NTFS. How do I restore my hard disk back to FAT? I'm afraid that all data will be erased.

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  • What’s the difference between FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS?

    FAT16 is the original file system used in DOS and Windows 3.x, and was originally only designed for use on relatively small partitions. It's been revised so that it's possible to make a FAT16 partition up to 4GB in size, but no more than that. FAT32 is a revised version of FAT16 that can be used to...

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  • How do I log on as administrator?

    I am new to Windows XP and don't have much experience with Win2000. On a PC with a new 40 gig hard drive, I first formatted 4 Gig as NTFS and loaded new XP Professional operating system. That went AOK. Now I want to format the rest of the 35 Gig as FAT32 Format, so others can copy files back and...

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  • Speed up NTFS performance

    Disabling the directory update on an NTFS volume can speed things up.

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