• New Snowden docs reveal secret NSA hacker unit

    The US National Security Agency has a secret hacking group, the latest leaked documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal

    WAshford10,395 pointsBadges:
  • Fixing the math in the wake of Snowden’s NSA surveillance reveal

    Throwing a curve: Is there a potential weakening of security products and services courtesy of the NSA and RSA BSafe?

    Robert Richardson720 pointsBadges:
  • Russian enterprises unconcerned by NSA network hack allegations

    Despite allegations the NSA hid spyware in the equipment of a number of suppliers, the market in Russia for western network hardware remains buoyant

    ITKE439,630 pointsBadges:
  • AT&T a key NSA partner in internet spying Snowden docs show

    The NSA considered its relationship with AT&T to be unique and especially productive, leaked documents show

    WAshford10,395 pointsBadges:
  • Why Facebook and the NSA love graph databases

    Graph databases play six degrees of separation to find real connections. See how IT teams can use the database approach for businesses.

    ITKE439,630 pointsBadges:
  • US acts to restore faith in encryption standard after NSA backdoor revelation

    The US tries to restore faith in a widely used encryption standard after Edward Snowden leaked documents showing the NSA has a backdoor

    WAshford10,395 pointsBadges:
  • Should the NSA be more transparent with vulnerability disclosure policies?

    Michael Heller2,855 pointsBadges:
  • NSA vulnerability disclosure policy balances offense and defense

    The NSA published its vulnerability disclosure policy, which aims to balance intelligence benefits with security, but experts said the policy raises more questions than it answers.

    Michael Heller2,855 pointsBadges:
  • Juniper to drop code linked to NSA

    Juniper ditches algorithm tied to NSA backdoors following sustained pressure from the security community

    SMcGrath11,095 pointsBadges:
  • NSA opens up about data security tools

    The NSA expects industry experts to get better at security automation. Learn which data security tools are expected to help.

    Joel Shore1,875 pointsBadges:

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