• How to improve network performance via advanced NIC options

    Ethernet networks often struggle with modern data center workloads, but emerging NIC technologies are here to help improve network performance.

    editor13,465 pointsBadges:
  • Improve fault tolerance in cluster server for iSCSI

    You can improve fault tolerance in a highly networked environment like an iSCSI cluster server by using NIC teaming.

    searchStorage9,175 pointsBadges:
  • Is there a way through SMS to change the setting on the NIC card?

    Is there a way through SMS to change the setting on the NIC card from half duplex to full duplex?

    Rodtrent485 pointsBadges:
  • Fix problems caused by power-saving mode in wireless NICs

    Many access points don't always deal correctly with wireless devices that implement power saving. Here are two ways to resolve this problem.

    EnterpriseDesktopATE2,525 pointsBadges:
  • After a restore, how do I get compatible drivers onto a machine so it will boot?

    When doing a full restore to a machine which is not identical to the original backed-up machine, the disk, video and NIC drivers in the backup are not likely to be compatible. The computer may not boot properly after the restore, especially if the disk driver is wrong. What is the best way, after a...

    laurapennquakers2,040 pointsBadges:
  • Why can’t PCs surf the Web until I disable TCP/IP on NT4 NIC?

    I have two 100 MB network interface cards (NIC) in a WinXP PC, one connecting to an NT4 server via TCP/IP (not DHCP). The other connects to a NetWare 3.12 server via NWLINK. TCP/IP is enabled on both NICs. Internet connectivity is via satellite on the NetWare side. The problem is, after booting up...

    ITKE346,375 pointsBadges:
  • KIA Quiz #23: Common sense disabled

    Windows 2000's TCP/IP network stack contains a feature called "media sensing" that can cause more problems than it solves. It allows Windows to detect whether or not a network cable is plugged into a NIC. To disable this feature:

    ITKE346,375 pointsBadges:
  • Built-in NIC teaming in Windows Server 2012 gives IT pros a break

    In Windows Server 2012, IT pros can prepare for failover scenarios using the newly built-in NIC teaming capability.

    Kevin Beaver17,145 pointsBadges:
  • Connecting three PCs via ICS for shared Internet access

    I have a PC set up as a server with three NICs installed running Win2k.

    ITKE346,375 pointsBadges:
  • One NIC for two networks on a notebook

    If you use a notebook computer, this tip will keep you from having to reconfigure settings each time you switch networks.

    ITKE346,375 pointsBadges:

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