• Rooted Android device risks include network access, data theft

    Rooting an Android smartphone or tablet makes the device more vulnerable to malicious apps that could wreak havoc on a corporate network. MDM alone can't stop the threat.

    rhsheldon1,465 pointsBadges:
  • How does your organization manage guest access to its network?

    Craig Mathias1,295 pointsBadges:
  • Five tips for managing guest wireless network access

    With the proliferation of mobile devices, guest access to enterprise networks is more common. IT can maintain security with tools such as identity management and per-session security keys.

    Craig Mathias1,295 pointsBadges:
  • From ABCs to BYOD

    Security 7 Award winner Phil Scrivano heads a BYOD program for the 17 public schools in Los Angeles County, securing network access from kindergarten on up.

    ITKE434,425 pointsBadges:
  • DWDM vs. SONET networks for connecting to the virtual world

    We live in a virtual world where most of us have network access in our homes -- the Internet -- which is a virtual network...

    SteveBige017,405 pointsBadges:
  • XP network losing access to network drives from workstations

    I have an XP network and am intermittently losing access to my network drives from my workstations. If I wait long enough eventually they will come back. This started at remote locations first and is now also happening at my main location. I verified it wasn't a license issue. Do you have any...

    laurapennquakers2,040 pointsBadges:
  • Network access during the disaster recovery operations process

    Just as a working network is absolutely essential for normal business operations, the same is true during disaster recovery (DR) operations.

    Etittel4,750 pointsBadges:
  • The VPN Expert: Securing PDA enterprise network access

    Advances in PDA networks and platforms are creating real demand for remote access to enterprise networks.

    searchsecurity25,935 pointsBadges:
  • For Boeing, data security, network access still hazy

    Boeing is trying to reshape its network security architecture to better protect sensitive systems from threats without degrading employee productivity.

    searchsecurity25,935 pointsBadges:
  • Authentication and access

    This tip describes levels of authentication and various access methods.

    SearchDataCenter3,325 pointsBadges:

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