• Refresh Java View Applet Without Reloading Page

    If you read your mail over the web sometimes, you may find it annoying to reload the whole page including the Java applet from the server. Especially with slow connections, this takes some time. To refresh the applet without loading the page again, open the ($Inbox) folder of your mail file or...

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  • Making Your Workspace As Default Home Page In Notes.

    To make your Notes Workspace as default Home Page in Notes Client, do the following:

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  • LotusScript sorts a Lotus Notes document collection

    This LotusScript code shows how to sort a Lotus Notes document collection in ascending order using a specified field (text/date/number) as the key. The code is customizable, so you can easily change it to meet your needs.

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  • LotusScript equivalent of @DBLookup and @DBColumn for Lotus Notes and Domino Server

    SearchDomino.com member Nithya K. shares a LotusScript code equivalent of @DBLookup and @DBColumn for Lotus Notes that doesn't decrease Domino Server performance.

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  • LotusScript button updates email addresses in Lotus Notes PAB

    Send Lotus Notes users an email message that contains this LotusScript-coded button. This button will allow them to easily update an email in the location document of their Personal Address Books (PABs). The button automatically notifies the administrator once the address has been updated.

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  • LotusScript agent moves new mail to folder

    Use this LotusScript agent in a Lotus Notes mail-in database to move new mail to a specified folder.

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  • How to use LotusScript to modify a Lotus Notes view selection

    If you've been looking for a way to use parameters to limit a Lotus Notes view selection, you're in luck. This tip gives the LotusScript and a few examples to help you.

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  • Delete All Unused Fields From Db And Clear Up Design Field List

    This is an agent that deletes all document fields which don't show up in any forms or subforms. This eliminates the need to write an agent which lists every single unwanted field, like FIELD goAway := @DeleteField; .

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  • Creating a Lotus Notes view column categorized by month

    A common problem when creating a Lotus Notes view is designing a column that categorizes documents by month (or quarter). Many Lotus Notes developers have reinvented this wheel many times over, with varying degrees of success. In this tip, SearchDomino.com contributor Chuck Connell attempts to...

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  • Create a dynamic fluid image gallery with Lotus Notes views

    Publishing image galleries from Lotus Notes views onto the Web isn't always simple. Dynamic image galleries will let all users view images from any screen resolution.

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