• Linux desktop market still wait-and-see

    Linux is thriving, but the perception is that top vendors Red Hat and Novell continue to tread cautiously with a desktop offering. However, news of a new Debian distro in the days leading up to LinuxWorld San Francisco could mean heat ahead.

    ITKE346,360 pointsBadges:
  • Quick Takes: Developers dismiss SCO suit

    A survey of 400 Linux developers falls in line with the sentiments of the rest of the industry when it comes to the SCO Group.

    MMimoso3,355 pointsBadges:
  • Optimizing SUSE Linux performance for VMware environments

    Learn how to optimize Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) on VMware by optimizing VMware and SUSE. For better performance, switch to VMware's paravirtualization disk driver and adjust I/O settings in SUSE along with changing the journal settings.

    svanvugt825 pointsBadges:
  • Does MySQL run better on one distribution versus another?

    Does MySQL run better on one distribution versus another? I've had less trouble since I switched from slackware to RHEL.

    ITKE346,360 pointsBadges:
  • Maturity makes Linux less of a gamble for the enterprise

    Maturity and movement on the 2.6 kernel is making Linux more palatable for enterprises.

    MMimoso3,355 pointsBadges:
  • Experts offer Linux migration pointers

    As enterprises mull moves from proprietary Unix and Windows systems to Linux, experts suggest that decision makers keep an eye on potential front-end migrations as well.

    AmyKucharik870 pointsBadges:
  • Two ways Microsoft’s mindshare sabotages Linux desktop adoption

    Microsoft may not make flawless software, but its proprietary strategy is hard to fault. In particular, Microsoft has mastered desktop lock-in, undermining users' confidence in any alternatives and creating a slew of minor difficulties that irritate those who do switch.

    Jan Stafford2,895 pointsBadges:
  • What makes a migration from Unix to Linux attractive?

    Learn about Linux's attractive qualities such as platform flexibilty, quick deployment of patches, and better compatibility and cost structures. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of migrating from Unix to Linux is also presented.

    KMilberg1,465 pointsBadges:
  • IBM pushes game as learning tool for Linux admins

    Taking its cue from purveyors of educational games for children, IBM Corp. is making games for IT pros. More than 215,000 copies of IBM AlphaWorks' first game, Robocode, have been downloaded. In this code-writing tutorial, players build robots to compete in a game. AlphaWorks' second game release,...

    Jan Stafford2,895 pointsBadges:
  • What Linux vendors will win the desktop away from Microsoft?

    Michael Robertson recently predicted: "The number of commercial desktop Linux companies shrinks through attrition and consolidation. Building an operating system, courting PC partners, garnering distribution, servicing retailers and supporting end users is an enormous undertaking. It takes a large...

    ITKE346,360 pointsBadges:

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