• Apache Camel

    Apache Camel is a Java-based framework that implements messaging patterns in Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) to provide a rule-based routing and mediation engine enterprise application integration (EAI).

    Margaret Rouse20,455 pointsBadges:
  • encapsulation in Java

    Java offers four different "scope" realms--public, protected, private, and package--that can be used to selectively hide data constructs. To achieve encapsulation, the programmer declares the class variables as “private” and then provides what are called public “setter and getter” methods...

    Margaret Rouse20,455 pointsBadges:
  • Java abstract class

    In Java and other object oriented programming (OOP) languages, objects and classes may be abstracted, which means that they are summarized into characteristics that are relevant to the current program’s operation.

    Margaret Rouse20,455 pointsBadges:
  • Do you see value in using Java EE in a microservices project?

    Jan Stafford3,590 pointsBadges:
  • Why microservices, Java EE development will be big in 2016

    Steve Millidge, C2B2 consulting founder, sees microservices projects getting real in 2016 and gives advice on beating challenges and using Java EE development.

    Jan Stafford3,590 pointsBadges:
  • MicroProfile streamlines Java EE for microservices

    A new MicroProfile specification promises to simplify microservice development on Java EE. George Lawton explains why this is happening and how architects are reacting.

    SearchSOA.com5,785 pointsBadges:
  • SAP vulnerability, reported in 2010, finally patched

    SAP vulnerability patched, finally: the Java flaw was originally patched in 2010 but became the subject of an unprecedented US-CERT alert in May.

    Peter Loshin1,240 pointsBadges:
  • Asynchronously invoking a second managed bean method in JavaSever Faces (JSF)

    The new features added to JSF make doing an asynchronous call to the server incredibly easy, but what if you need to follow that first asynchronous call with a second asynchronous call to a JavaServer Faces managed bean? It's a bit of work, but in this tutorial, we walk you through it.

    ITKE413,320 pointsBadges:
  • Who should be held liable for damages from breaches due to this SAP Java vulnerability?

    Peter Loshin1,240 pointsBadges:
  • DHS warns on actively exploited SAP Java vulnerability

    DHS US-CERT warns of a patched SAP Java vulnerability from 2010 that has enabled breaches at three dozen global enterprises due to configuration issues.

    Peter Loshin1,240 pointsBadges:

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