• IPv4 to IPv6 conversion thwarted by ISP peering issues

    There aren't enough IPv6 users to report broken routing when ISP peering issues develop, so firms must track their website performance on their own.

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  • How do large ISPs determine what they will charge for peering?

    How does a large ISP charge a smaller ISP for peering? Is it based on bandwidth or simply a flat fee? If it's based on bandwidth, what do they use to keep track of specifics? And if it's flat, how do they monitor/prevent abuse?

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  • ISP records for dynamic IP addresses

    How long do ISPs keep records for dynamic IP addresses? I mean, do they keep them for years? What about those who have closed down accounts?

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  • How can I allow users to change the ISP dialup number in Connection Properties?

    We have Windows 2000 (and XP) Pro machines and use workgroups (not domains). I want to allow members of the Users group to change the dialup number in the Connection Properties. In the default installation, this appears to be prohibited. As staff travel, we want them to call the ISP's local dial-up...

    jerry111,065 pointsBadges:
  • How do I go about selecting the best ISP?

    Do you have advice on how to select a service provider? What are the advantages and disadvantages for using a particular type of Internet service provider?

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  • Remote Access Service on Windows 2000 AS

    Can we implement Remote Access Service (RRAS) on Windows 2000 Advanced Server at an ISP for remote access client? If yes, then how?

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  • Combining more than one ISP link together into a single gateway

    Is there any solution based on Windows XP or Windows 2000/2003 to combine more than one ISP link together into a single gateway, to ensure highest uptime and optimum utilization of available bandwidth?

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  • Setting up VPN channels between two ISP accounts with dynamic IP addresses

    We have two computers running Windows 2000 Server, connected to the Internet using Internet accounts from two different Internet service providers. The IP addresses are provided dynamically by the ISP -- i.e., the IP address is not permanent or reserved for us. As we are aware of those two IP...

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  • ISP address changes causes problems

    Two weeks ago, my ISP changed its mail server IP address. We have a virtual domain in it. Since then we can't send e-mails to an specific ISP, which receives without problems from everybody, less from my virtual domain. How do I can solve this?

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  • What are the advantages and the disadvantages of using an ISP?

    There are a huge number of factors to consider, and their relative importance will depend on your needs. Head over to http://www.dslreports.com/ to get a feel for what is causing other customers pain. Here's a quick list of what factors to consider when evaluating ISPs:

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