• Network summarization — Supernetting and wildcard masks

    Supernetting allows one routing table entry to represent an aggregation of networks. Network engineers need to understand supernetting, how to read routes received from other providers and how to create an access list that references these multiple networks in a single summarized statement. In this...

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  • How can I stop Win2k from changing IP on a PC at a remote location?

    I  have a remote location that is accessible via virtual private network (VPN) (it's a standard Win2000 VPN setup) from a Win2000 server running Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

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  • Understanding IP addressing and subnetting

    I have read a lot of articles/tutorials on IP addressing and subnetting, but I have always had difficulty understanding and recalling. In your opinion, what is the best and easiest way to learn and understand them?

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  • IP addressing and subnetting: What network administrators need to know

    David Davis follows up his tip on binary-to-decimal conversions with a practical, in-depth look at IP addressing and subnetting. He discusses how IP addresses work, subnet masks, classful vs. classless IP addresses, default gateways and more.

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  • IP addressing and subnetting: Calculate a subnet mask using the host’s formula

    IP addressing and subnetting are an important if basic part of networks. Network administators will learn how to calculate a subnet mask using the host's formula.

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  • Have you had a duplicate IP address issue on your network?

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  • IP addressing and subnetting: Calculate a subnet mask using the subnet’s formula

    IP addressing and subnetting are an important part of networks. Learn how the subnet's formula works and why it's important to know how to calculate the subnet mask "longhand."

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  • An introduction to IP addressing and subnet masks

    Given the complexity of IP addressing and subnet masks, your customers are likely to depend on you to support these services on their IP-based networks. This tip introduces these concepts along with a resource for further information.

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