• intrusion detection (ID)

    Intrusion detection (ID) is a type of security management system for computers and networks. An ID system gathers and analyzes information from various areas within a computer or a network to identify possible security breaches, which include both intrusions (attacks from outside the organization)...

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  • Intrusion detection in a cloud computing environment

    Make sure that your cloud computing environment is equipped to detect and respond to attacks with the appropriate intrusion detection systems.

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  • Intrusion detection basics

    A look at the basics of intrusion detection.

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  • Intrusion detection project design and rollout

    Evaluating intrusion detection technology requires an understanding of its capabilities. Get help with getting started on an intrusion system program design and uncover technical considerations your enterprise needs to know.

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  • Introduction to intrusion detection and prevention technologies

    Intrusion detection and preventions systems can be critical components to an enterprise's threat management strategy. Learn the history behind the technologies and why they are so important.

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  • Evaluating enterprise intrusion detection system vendors

    Selecting an intrusion detection and prevention system vendor can be a time-consuming task. Get help evaluating vendors and products with this list of must-ask questions. Plus: a comprehensive vendor list.

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  • Final five considerations when evaluating intrusion detection tools

    Before making an investment in an intrusion detection and prevention system, be sure to read this list of five final considerations to keep in mind during intrusion detection system evaluation.

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  • Types of intrusion detection products: Suite vs. best-of-breed

    When evaluating types of intrusion detection products, it is important to distinguish whether a best-of-breed or suite-based product is the right match for your enterprise. Expert Bill Hayes offers guidance to help you decide.

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  • Using intrusion detection systems for incident prevention, improving ROI

    Security expert Bill Hayes discusses the top benefits of intrusion detection systems, including identifying and preventing security incidents, protecting vulnerable assets, improving ROI and more.

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  • long-tail intrusion

    Long-tail intrusions include advanced persistent threats (APT). However, sometimes intrusions achieved by simpler methods and malware may be used as the starting point of a long-tail intrusion and continued by downloading new code by means such as Trojans hidden by root kits and code targeting zero...

    Margaret Rouse7,785 pointsBadges:

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