• How can I get on the Internet through a digital phone line?

    How can I get on the Internet through a digital phone line? For example, for an analog phone line I use a modem. What do I use with a digital line?

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  • How can I stop users from listening to the radio on the Internet?

    I have just installed ISA on our internal network in the integrated mode, but we don't use the firewall part. We also have a cache proxy server, which sits in our DMZ. ISA is configured to send all requests to that cache proxy server. I want to stop users from listening to the radio on the...

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  • What does the message ‘NT AuthoritySystem’ mean?

    When I get on the Internet, I am only on for a few seconds when a message appears that says: "NT AuthoritySystem." Do you know what is making this to occur?

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  • Problems getting online with Win XP Home

    I have Win XP Home, and I get blank pages when I go online. If I log on with my husband's password, I can connect. What could be the problem?

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  • Do we establish an Internet account or sub-contract for an intranet setup?

    I'm not an IT authority of any type, but I have been made responsible for the set up a new office environment.

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  • Users having trouble disconnecting from Internet — local file permissions issue

    For some reason, our users are having trouble disconnecting after using the Internet. The task bar area freezes up, and rebooting seems to be the only option. But if I sign in as an administrator, there is no problem. The users' PCs are running Win2k Pro with a Hawking PN576G modem. The domain...

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  • Synchronization sinks Internet backup tool

    I have been using Laplink since the dawn of time. It is one of the best utilities that I know of to populate a new computer with your old data files. You hook up the two computers via a cable and load the software on both and within minutes you can copy files. Over the years, Laplink has gotten...

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  • Terminal Services users cannot connect to the Internet

    I have Win2K Server with Terminal Services. Users connect through terminal services. The problem is, those users cannot open the Internet. They are supposed to go via the proxy server. The proxy server is fine since normal desktop users can go to the Internet. What do you think is missing?

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  • Internet management software

    I'm looking for Internet management software with the following features: *Enable multi-users to connect to the Internet through single dial-up networking. * Track Internet usage of users hosted on Windows NT server. * Maintain user account balances using database files while enabling a single...

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  • Blocking an IP address

    What is the best way to block an IP address on the Internet? I am using Windows XP Pro with DSL service.

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