• How do you see these new Xeon processors impacting your data center workloads?

    kurtmarko520 pointsBadges:
  • Xeon E5 v4 workload and upgrade considerations for admins

    Increased compute capabilities in the Intel Xeon E5 v4 and E7 v4 family help accommodate cloud and scale-up workloads -- but not everyone should rush to upgrade.

    kurtmarko520 pointsBadges:
  • Intel Xeon 5600 x86 chips can swap into 5500s

    New "Westmere" processor can swap into current Intel Xeon 5500s, a benefit for end users who bought Nehalem servers last year.

    Mark Fontecchio3,860 pointsBadges:
  • Sun x86 servers to include Intel chips

    Sun Microsystems announced that it will include Intel Xeon chips in a new line of x86 servers. In return, Intel will start supporting and endorsing Solaris on its chip architecture.

    Mark Fontecchio3,860 pointsBadges:
  • Intel intros new quad-core Xeons as AMD Barcelona nears

    With AMD's quad-core Barcelona processor slated for systems next month, Intel announced two new quad-core Xeons that feature improved virtualization capabilities, performance enhancements and new energy efficiencies.

    Bridget Botelho3,680 pointsBadges:
  • Intel shrinks Xeon with new Penryn 45-nanometer processor

    Intel's latest-generation Xeon is a 45-nanometer processor, packing more than 400 billion transistors on the platform.

    Bridget Botelho3,680 pointsBadges:
  • ‘Big data’ shops eye cheaper four-socket Intel Xeon servers

    What once required high-end Intel E7 processors and motherboards now fits into a lower-cost E5-4600 four-socket Intel Xeon system, suitable for scale-out workloads in HPC and big data.

    Beth Pariseau9,625 pointsBadges:
  • Intel intros low-voltage quad-core Xeon ahead of AMD

    Intel's first foray into low-voltage processors may have been a flop, but data center managers' increased interest in power efficiency bodes well for its new quad-core Xeon processor.

    Bridget Botelho3,680 pointsBadges:
  • AMD demos live migration between Intel and AMD processors

    For the first time, AMD and Red Hat demonstrated that live migration of virtual machines across AMD and Intel Xeon-based servers is possible. To date, live migration has been possible only between similar processor families.

    Bridget Botelho3,680 pointsBadges:
  • Intel releases dual-core Xeon ‘Tulsa’ chip for high-end x86 market

    Intel today released its new dual-core chip for high-end x86 multiprocessor servers. Earlier this year, it released a dual-core for lower end servers. The flurry of activity this summer, with AMD releasing a dual-core server chip of its own, is a sign of the growing rivalry between Intel and AMD.

    Mark Fontecchio3,860 pointsBadges:

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