• Testing an intrusion-detection system

    I'm trying to test our HIDS implementation and want to see intrusion detection system (IDS) responses to a server compromise and a rootkit install. Is there somewhere I can download one of the latest rootkits such as t0rn, tuxkit, etc. so I can install it on a lab server for testing purposes?

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  • Evaluating and tuning an intrusion-detection system

    A good way to evaluate the quality of competing IDSs.

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  • IDS: Still head of the class in security education

    Despite its "old school" image, a technologist at the CSI Computer Security Conference says intrusion detection offers quite an education in network security.

    Eric Parizo1,890 pointsBadges:
  • Signature-based threats: Moving beyond ‘picking off penguins’

    Network- and host-based IDS and AV products can provide more timely solutions to many threats that currently rely on signatures for detection.

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  • Firewall architectures for SMB networks

    This tip offers best practices for setting up and administering a network firewall and IDS for an SMB, keeping in mind tight budgets and smaller staffs.

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  • Screencast: Snort — Tactics for basic network analysis

    In this exclusive screencast step-by-step demo, Tom Bowers explains how the Snort open source IDS tool works and illustrates how it can help security pros assess network security.

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  • Firewall and IDS architecture setup for SMBs

    Small and medium-size businesses are a prime candidate for network attacks. Setting up firewalls and intrusion detection systems is easy, inexpensive -- and essential.

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  • Network security monitoring is more than IDS

    In the SearchSecurity.com on-demand Webcast Network Security Monitoring, speakers Richard Bejtlich, senior forensic consultant for Foundstone and Robert Visscher, lead network security services engineer for Ball Corp., discuss how network security monitoring (NSM) goes beyond intrusion-detection...

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  • Target-based IDS muffles the noise to take aim on the alerts that count

    Learn how target-based IDS is making IDS a more accurate and efficient network scanning tool.

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  • Gartner declares IDS obsolete by 2005

    Gartner Inc. is predicting that intrusion-detection systems will be obsolete soon, and recommends enterprises migrate to firewalls that block attacks rather than alert.

    MMimoso2,605 pointsBadges:

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