• A guide to Hyper-V features for the VMware administrator

    For every VMware action, there’s a Hyper-V reaction. VSphere and Hyper-V features have many similarities, but their vendors speak different languages.

    gshields550 pointsBadges:
  • Don’t leave old VMs behind: Move them to the latest Hyper-V version

    Migrating your existing VMs to the latest version of Hyper-V will allow you to take advantage of new features and capabilities.

    Brien Posey9,870 pointsBadges:
  • How do I use SR-IOV for Hyper-V VMs?

    Single Root I/O Virtualization, or SR-IOV, can help reduce latency and increase I/O throughput when enabled for Hyper-V VMs.

    Nirmalmvp155 pointsBadges:
  • Picking the perfect Hyper-V virtual hard disk format

    Users shouldn't choose a Hyper-V virtual hard disk format without knowing if it's the right fit for their production workload.

    Nirmalmvp155 pointsBadges:
  • Advantages to the Hyper-V VHDX format

    The VHDX file format offers new features and better scalability over its predecessor, but many IT professionals still have questions about the advantages.

    Nick Martin730 pointsBadges:
  • Getting to know VHDX: The new Hyper-V virtual hard disk format

    The VHDX format in Windows Server 2012 has the decisive edge over the legacy VHD format in almost every respect, including performance and capacity.

    Brien Posey9,870 pointsBadges:
  • Windows Server preview adds and subtracts

    Microsoft is gearing up for another Windows Server release, with new features for Hyper-V and identity management. NAP is left behind.

    Jeremy Stanley270 pointsBadges:
  • Hyper-V brings enhancements for Linux VMs

    The latest version of Hyper-V includes enhanced support for Linux VMs, allowing for advanced features such as Dynamic Memory and live VM backup.

    Nirmalmvp155 pointsBadges:
  • Problems to prep for when running Linux VMs in Hyper-V

    Learn how to prepare for some of the problems you may have to work around if you run dynamic memory in a Red Hat Linux VM under Hyper-V.

    SteveBige013,430 pointsBadges:
  • What are the new security features for VMs in Hyper-V hosts?

    Security will be a hot topic this year. Here are some new security features for Hyper-V virtual machines to keep your environment safe.

    Nirmalmvp155 pointsBadges:

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