• What is the most important upgrade from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP/2?

    SteveBige013,675 pointsBadges:
  • What HTTP/2 means to the data center and its security

    A new hypertext protocol promises better performance for complex and demanding websites.

    SteveBige013,675 pointsBadges:
  • IE toolbar displays HTTP headers of received pages

    Sometimes an admin needs to see the HTTP header information. A toolbar for Internet Explorer is now available that lets admins view the exact HTTP headers for all documents downloaded by IE. It also shows SSL traffic.

    SearchWindowsServer1,985 pointsBadges:
  • HTTP and HTTPS SOAP header field discussion

    I just want to know what are the extra and mandatory fields that must be given in SOAP header. So support my application from HTTP to HTTPS. Thanks in advance!

    vishnuRND5 pointsBadges:
  • Mozilla proposes Firefox Do Not Track feature to boost browser privacy

    The proposal, which transmits a special HTTP header to websites, may be supported in future versions of Firefox, but in order for it to fully work, websites must also support the feature.

    searchsecurity21,900 pointsBadges:
  • Google cloud pricing drops, HTTP load balancing added

    Google continues to add features and cut costs -- don’t expect either to disrupt the status quo in the cloud market.

    ITKE354,810 pointsBadges:
  • How would you use HTTP content caching in your enterprise and how would you measure the return on investment?

    Shamus McGillicuddy5,415 pointsBadges:
  • How are TCP/IP and HTTP related?

    Understand how TCP/IP and HTTP protocols are related in this networking fundamentals expert response.

    CPartsenidis11,085 pointsBadges:
  • Set router filters for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SMTP

    I have a Win2k server with Terminal Services enabled and the clients work only on a Terminal Server connection (also using Outlook and Internet Explorer). The connection to the Internet is provided by a Netgear ISDN router. The question is, "Why does the router call the Internet if nobody asks for...

    ITKE354,810 pointsBadges:
  • Linux command line tricks: less, screen, pgrep HTTP servers and more

    Mastering the Linux command line can make a system administrator's job much easier. Learn these command line tricks including aliasing more to always be less, using pgrep, screen, tmux, and aspell as well as quickly creating an HTTP server for file sharing.

    JTurnbull490 pointsBadges:

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