• I can’t print from DOS while XP is running

    I can't print from a DOS application while running XP. I have many other computers that are also running on XP that can print to the shared printer. I can print from any other application other than DOS. I've also used 'Net use,' and it says it is not recognized. Do you know if anyone has had this...

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  • BIOS update

    If you need to boot in real-mode DOS to upgrade you BIOS, use a Windows 98 startup disk.

    ITKE440,495 pointsBadges:
  • How can I get Windows 2000 to print directly from DOS?

    There appears to be a problem in Windows 2000 Professional that does not permit direct printing from DOS. Of the three systems I tried, two were networked and one was a stand alone. Each had a dedicated printer attached. When printing from a DOS application, the document would begin to print and...

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  • Using RIS, which drivers should I use — DOS or Win2k?

    I used RBFG.EXE to create a boot disk (to install Windows 2000 via Remote Installation Service -- RIS). This solution is good with the recent card. RBFG.EXE proposes about 10 network cards. What must I do to add other drivers? And which drivers -- Windows 2000 or DOS?

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  • Admin Know-IT-All Question #1

    Upgrading a system's BIOS requires direct access to a system's hardware. In the days of DOS and 16/32-bit Windows, this was easy: all someone had to do to flash the BIOS was boot to a command line and run the BIOS-flashing utility. Since Windows NT, Windows 2000 and now Windows XP don't allow...

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  • How can I execute programs DOS in full screen?

    Terminal services does not permit you to run DOS applications in full-screen mode.

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  • Change the title of the Win2k command prompt window

    A handy tip to know when working with many DOS windows open at one time.

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  • How can I connect two DOS machines to Windows 2000?

    I would like to connect two DOS machines to Windows 2000. I installed MS Client and connected the machines, but it doesn't connect all the time. Can you help?

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  • Can I edit the Windows 2000 registry from DOS?

    Can I edit the Windows 2000 registry from DOS?

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  • Disable IP directed broadcasts

    Your router is obedient. It will do what it's told, no matter who's doing the telling. A Smurf attack is a version of a Denial of Service (DOS) attack in which an attacker sends an ICMP echo request to your network's broadcast address using a spoofed source address. This causes all the hosts to...

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