• How can we reconcile the requirements for Win2k DNS with the external DNS?

    Our Windows NT4-based local area network connects to the Internet via a wireless/Ethernet router. The router performs network DHCP functions, including assignment of DNS IP addresses for the Internet Service Provider. We would like to upgrade to Windows 2000 and Active Directory, but we don't know...

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  • Can I get away with not enabling Active Directory?

    I am about to set up a network with Win2K Server as the operating system. I want to set the server as a PDC, but I do not want to enable Active Directory. This server must also be a DNS server and a DHCP server. Please advise.

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  • How to kill your network in one easy step

    User parthasarathy Mandayam shares a "gotcha" that you should know about when setting up DHCP for your Windows 2000 Server.

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  • I want to connect my server to the Internet though a router. How come I can ping my router, but can’

    I have a linksys cable router and a Windows 2000 server. I want to connect my server to the Internet through the router. Sounds simple enough. My server is running DHCP and DNS. My server IP is My router is not running DHCP. My router IP is I can ping the router but I get...

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  • Can PCs with static IP addresses communicate over the network with DHCP-assigned PC addresses?

    We are migrating from NT to 2000 and are switching from static IP addressing to DHCP addressing in the process. We are also deploying new PCs. The new PCs will be set up and then sent out to the users with DHCP-assigned addresses. This will be done by department, so there will be a period of time...

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  • Can’t share resources on two Windows 2000 Pro machines

    I am trying to network two Windows 2000 Pro machines through a wireless router, which is connected to my cable modem. My problem is that although I can access the Internet from both the machines, I cannot share resources on both the machines. Computer one can see computer two, but it can't access...

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  • Clients having problems logging in/accessing domain controller

    I have a Windows NT 4 network. My DHCP scope is to with a Class B mask. We are connected to the Internet through our ISP provider. There is another router with a PPP connection to another network. For the past six weeks, some clients have had difficulty logging on - no domain...

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  • Is there a way we can remove DNS info and replace it with DHCP info?

    We use DHCP to assign IP addresses and default gateways, but we manually enter DNS and other network info. If we want to remove that info and use the info by DHCP, can we use some kind of scripts or REG files? The workstations are NT and Win2k.

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  • Do I need to reapply service packs and hot fixes to to add DHCP services?

    I have file/print servers running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I want to add DHCP services to these servers. Do I need to reapply the service packs and hot fixes?

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  • I have two PCs. I want one to rely on other for Internet access, but nothing else. Do I need to use

    Here's the problem. I have two computers both running Win2k -- my PC and my partner's PC. I have set up Internet sharing, but instead of using DHCP I specified the IP address myself and Internet sharing just won't work.

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