• object-oriented programming (OOP)

    Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language model organized around "objects" rather than "actions" and data rather than logic. (Continued...)

    ITKE56,510 pointsBadges:
  • Critical namespace configurations in Exchange Server 2013

    It's important to get namespace planning right the first time. Otherwise, it's difficult -- or even impossible -- to change later.

    Brien Posey6,040 pointsBadges:
  • Web services (application services)

    Web services (sometimes called application services) are services (usually including some combination of programming and data, but possibly including human resources as well) that are made available from a business's Web server for Web users or other Web-connected programs.

    ITKE56,510 pointsBadges:
  • Cloud app vs. Web app — what’s the difference?

    What's the difference between a cloud app and a Web app? Gabe Knuth explains the difference between these similar terms and asks readers to share their input on the distinction.

    Gabe Knuth845 pointsBadges:
  • Why IT needs to hand the desktop delivery reins to users

    IT can't just stand in its ivory tower when deciding how to deliver desktops and applications to users; they need to take users into account.

    SearchVirtualDesktop520 pointsBadges:
  • Cloud desktops finally kick the small-fry VDI label

    DaaS is no longer the red-headed stepchild of VDI; with VMware and Amazon offering cloud desktops and fostering acceptance, DaaS could gain steam in 2014.

    Bridget Botelho2,490 pointsBadges:
  • Why you have until 2020 to figure out your desktop delivery strategy

    Don't buy the hype. You have until 2020 to figure out your application and desktop delivery strategy.

    Gabe Knuth845 pointsBadges:
  • Desktop virtualization 2014 predictions: Protocols, cloud and clients

    With all these 2014 predictions flying about, let's see what's in store for cloud-hosted desktops and HTML 5 protocols in the coming year.

    Gabe Knuth845 pointsBadges:
  • Managing VirtualBox desktops through a Web interface

    Accessing VirtualBox through a Web interface is easier than using a remote client to connect through another machine.

    SearchVirtualDesktop520 pointsBadges:
  • Amazon cloud offerings at (nearly) 10

    Amazon Web Services has come a long way in a decade: from message queuing to running IT operations at Netflix, NASA and Dow Jones.

    annestuart155 pointsBadges:

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