• Track program installations

    How to keep track of the programs that you install on workstations and servers.

    Chunter321,155 pointsBadges:
  • Dos and don’ts: distributed computing

    Two distributed computing environment specialists revealed some tips on taming the chaotic world of distributed systems. Find out how to prevent problems and increase productivity in this searchWindowsManageability article.

    ITKE342,240 pointsBadges:
  • You can have it all — Macs and PCs on one network

    Group Logic's ExtremeZ-IP allows a mixed Macintosh and PC network to exist by harnessing the TCP/IP protocol. The Marion County, FL, school district has benefitted from the technology, and, in effect, has saved time and money by not needing to switch to an all Windows network.

    ITKE342,240 pointsBadges:
  • Enterprise architecture assessment: A critical task for IT managers

    Making the time to assess your overall IT architecture can be a real benefit to your company. Expert Jane Carbone explains the importance of conducting a proper IT architecture assessment, and sheds some light on its value.

    ITKE342,240 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft and Novell plan mix of standards, open source to link directories

    Microsoft and Novell are testing three ways to improve Active Directory and eDirectory interoperability. Novell says more info is forthcoming later this spring.

    ctorode875 pointsBadges:
  • Server consolidation: Modeling your consolidation server

    In performing a server consolidation, it's hard to figure out how many servers can be safely consolidated into one without running into diminishing returns. You should learn what each server's real needs and behaviors are, then model your consolidation server along those guidelines.

    EnterpriseDesktopATE2,520 pointsBadges:
  • Active Directory meets Solaris

    SearchWin2000 and an IT analyst join hands, light some candles, and peer into the Solaris crystal ball. What we see is an operating system that needs a Microsoft makeover to stay attractive.

    Brunola3,910 pointsBadges:
  • Cable management madness

    Your server room cables needn't be a tangled mess. Here are some pointers on how to organize your cables and keep your network running smoothly.

    Brien Posey9,150 pointsBadges:
  • Virtual machines conquer space

    Virtual machines carve up a single physical system and make it work like multiple systems. This is a real boon for server consolidation, says analyst Thomas J. Deane.

    ITKE342,240 pointsBadges:
  • Tackling server and storage consolidation in one project

    Pierce County, Wash., solved a crippling data growth problem by consolidating its infrastructure on IBM blade servers and storage, and says it will save $3 million in the process.

    JoMaitland2,160 pointsBadges:

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