• Improving BGP services and security

    Design your MPLS/BGP network to protect yourself from malicious attacks and customer and peer errors, while you make it more resilient and easier to maintain.

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  • What is your greatest fear about the BGP?

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  • After 20 years, BGP still lacks security foundation

    After 20 years, it's time for a BGP makeover to provide security validation capabilities to prevent the next hijack.

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  • Has your organization had to deal with BGP hijacking? How did it handle the threat?

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  • How can BGP hijacking be detected and prevented?

    What is BGP hijacking or IP hijacking and how do cybercriminals pull off the attacks? Expert Michael Cobb explains how enterprises can mitigate these risks.

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  • 5 essential reasons for BGP in your IP network

    The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is considered the hardest routing protocol to design, configure and maintain, but there are the 5 major reasons you need all of that difficulty in your network.

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  • SDN blogs: Where is the open source BGP; what is Docker networking?

    SDN bloggers examine the future of Docker networking and why there have been no good open source BGP implementations.

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  • Designing large-scale BGP networks

    If you're running a large-scale IP network, you're going to need Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), but not for a fast-converging protocol to implement modern IP-based services. You need to know where and how to deploy BGP, and when to bring in help.

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  • How likely are you to use BGP in data center fabrics?

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  • Don’t write off BGP in data center fabrics

    In recent blog posts from around the Web, experts discuss BGP as a routing protocol in data centers, whether software will really 'eat hardware' and the role of SDN in IoT.

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