• Apple Authorized Service Provider (Apple ASP)

    An Apple Authorized Service Provider (Apple ASP) is an individual or organization that can legally service Apple products although their warranties are held by other entities. Service by anyone other than an authorized service provider (ASP) will render a product's warranty void.

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  • Difference between CGI and ASP

    The two are very similar. The practical definition of CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is any script or executable that is initiated by an HTTP request, executes on a Web server and returns an HTML response to the end-user. ASP (Active Server Pages) is a technology that produces very similar results...

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  • ASP Web site with Access database works on NT but not on Win2k

    I need a little help trying to get my database (MS Access) connection working. I am migrating a Web site with ASP functionality from a Windows NT server to Windows 2000. The application works fine on NT, but I'm getting an error that points to a line of code saying: (there is no specific error...

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  • Web sites can’t execute .asp pages

    I am using Windows 2000 server SP4 IIS 5 and SQL Server 2000 with all hotfixes installed. We are running 800 sites on the server (PIII 850 MHZ Dual Processor + 2 GB RAM Intel). Sometimes, no Web sites can execute .asp pages. I restarted IIS, but that didn't work. HTML pages are working fine. We...

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  • Cannot administer ASP

    I have a simple application developed as an ASP, and running on SQL server 2000. The operating system is Win2k Advance Server also running IIS 5.0.

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  • After I ran the IIS lock utility , I accidently disabled the ASP file feature in IIS. How do I enabl

    After I ran the IIS lock utility , I accidently disabled the ASP file feature in IIS. How do I enable it back? When I try "UNDO", it just hangs there forever.

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  • How can I get a username at ASP pages to connect to our site by dial up?

    I'm a computer programmer (Web Programmer with ASP & VB). We have an intranet site. I want know how can I get an online user's username at ASP pages that connect to our site by dial up? Is there any component for it? Our OS is Windows 2000 Advance Server. Thanks.

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  • Error 0x2733 when making a request to site

    We are hosting an ASP-based intranet site on IIS 5 & Win2k server. The server also hosts other sites on different port numbers - this one being port 1000. The server is based in the UK and some of our users in the US (but by no means all) are unable to access the site (incidentally they can...

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  • Cannot get ASP pages to insert new data into an Access database

    I am using IIS 5.0 on a Win2k server. ASP pages are working fine but I cannot get the ASP pages to insert new data into an Access database. The ASP pages can get data from the database and display it. In addition, there is nothing wrong with the ASP code. It works on another web server. So why can...

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  • How can we isolate Web sites from each other to prevent ASP from failing?

    I am wondering what is the best way to isolate sites on a Web server. We have many web servers, as we are a hosting company. We are having problems on servers that host 1500+ domains. ASP will fail as well as Frontpage's ability to log in. If we isolate all sites to "high" process, then the machine...

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