What do you see happening in the networking industry in 2013?

Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
Network security
Networking services
Network security, data center networks, campus LANs, software-defined networking...these are just some of the major topics that are making waves in the networking industry. The SearchNetworking team recently asked several industry analysts for their networking predictions for 2013. How about you? What do you see happening in the industry in 2013?

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Network goes down from a single computer

Hello guys.
I come across a strange problem 4 months now, I have a network with 50 computers. all was working fine 5 years now but before 4 months I detect that entire network going down from 4-5 computers. After a lot of searching these past four months, I see that this happened when a computer shutdown abnormal the network card start flooding the entire switch that is connected after 20-30 sec.
Things I have see and done till now is:
  1. Reformat the system (had Windows 7-64 now have Win 8.1 x-64) nothing fixed, after 1-2 days same problem appears.
  2. Install a new network card to one of them to see if its a hardware problem. (nothing fixed)
  3. Disable wake on LAN (Bios and Windows.) (nothing fixed).
  4. I removed managed switched and I installed 3 unmanaged switches. (nothing fixed)
  5. I disabled DHCP server and added static IP to each PC (nothing fixed).
  6. (Reset / reconfig / firmware update) all routers (Linksys wag120n) (a strange think I saw is that dateTime on routers I wrong and i cant fix this. Maybe its happened the same time that problem start not sure.)
  7. Downloaded latest drivers from marvel.
  8. Changed power supply.
  9. I put ups to entire network rack.
  10. Reformatted the server.
  11. Yesterday I changed the CPU to one of them to check if its a CPU problem. (don't know yet but will not be this for sure.)
 And might I forget some things that I have test all this months.
My network switch is connected like this 1 -> 2 , 2 -> 3. When this happened only the switch that this computer is connected goes down and if I try to ping another PC. I have like 500 - 5000 ping and sometimes not connection at all.
I monitor the network when this happened withWireshark. And I see 2000-10000 packets/s. that normally must be 10-20 packets/s.
I'm starting to get crazy with this problem and I need your help :P
Next thing I will try to do when this happened is to directly connect that computer with my laptop to see what packets are send.
Sorry for my English its not that good.
Thanks in advance George.
Profile: Partalakos

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