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Red Hat Enterprise Linux
With firefalld and system init daemons, and XFS new to RHEL 7, system administration could be easier. See how these changes affect you.

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  • badiane
    I think you should be very honest and clearly state that nearly all of what is considered "new" in RH7 has been in place and in production in other distributions.

    This reminds me so much of the days when Microsoft would pretend to present "innovations" and "new developments" to its user base, while in for many other OS' it was mundane.

    We have a hosting company that insists on providing RH6 because of "accountability" which, as long as I have been at the company, has never been an issue. The only time that company contacted RH relative to our account was when I asked them to do something at the kernel level. It had to do with RH providing it's kernels with preempt enable and the kernel timing at 1000hz for a "responsive desktop," when we are running a server. The response RH gave them had nothing to do with what I had asked and I also disproved it factually. That company, still didn't want to make a change which would have been beneficial to us based on their ineptitude and that or RH. So the "support" failed. Debian provides a preempt kernel set at 250Hz, without support. There are times when you will need support having to do with the Kernel and RH is not the "kernel," so any company or individual which has a good understanding of its working should be able to help.

    At a hedge fund located in midtown Manhattan, the only RH machine was running version 4 because of a Bloomberg application, so it was moved inside of a VM running on Debian. After that all of the systems were running on Debian because it made our lives much easier due to flexibility and package availability. XFS was the filesystem of choice also and that was in 2001; so financial firm with high volume traffic running on Debian. That was possible because our CTO and lead admin were serious and dedicated UNIX/Linux users who understood the technology well enough to not be swayed by FUD. If there was a problem they understood what to do.

    I'm not denying the need for possible support, simply not based on criteria whose bases seem to result from the post traumatic stress of havig to deal with Windows.

    When comprehension is present, there is hardly any need to defer to another's authority in the majority of cases.

    By the way, the binary journal is still a major issue with systemd.

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  • badiane
    By the way, it should also be noted that being that most other distributions are not late in adopting newer kernels, they have had greater opportunities to use containers.

    Here is a the Ubuntu page:
    https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxc.html. Notice their use of AppArmor as opposed to SELinux to add a form of security to the containers. That is been as such since late 2012 if I'm not mistaken. Sorry but no GUI.

    Also as a side note, there is LXC web panel https://lxc-webpanel.github.io/install.html; I haven't tried it.

    I think docker is a great project and I hope that it will bring LXC to the same level as zones in Solaris and SmartOS and make a lot of people realize that in most cases, full machine virtualization is not needed and if work is done of making LXC secure and iproute features such as macvlan's much faster, LXC can be an amazing thing.

    RH does a lot of great things for the Linux community; at the same time to tout certains things as advancement or worse give the impression that it's something new, is a bit disingenous on the part of anyone who know that they are not truly in the rest of the community.
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