• IBM and Microsoft team up to push hybrid cloud options

    IBM joins forces with Microsoft to support the other’s cloud platforms with their respective enterprise apps. Whether the software gains can cover IBM’s hardware losses remains to be seen.

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  • AWS Directory Service offers indirect challenge to Microsoft Azure

    The new AWS Directory Service has user directory management that spans hybrid clouds, but invites comparison to Azure’s Active Directory.

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  • shadow app

    A shadow app is a software program that is not supported by an employee's information technology (IT) department.

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  • Citrix VDI-in-a-Box

    Citrix VDI-in-a-Box is all-in-one desktop virtualization software built for small and medium-sized businesses.

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  • business risk

    A risk, in a business context, is anything that threatens an organization's ability to generate profits at its target levels. Business risks are broadly categorized as pure risks, which are negative events over which the organization has no control, and speculative risks, which are potential...

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  • Types of enterprise risk

    An enterprise risk is any potential event that could threaten an organization's ability to achieve its financial goals; long term, a risk can be a threat to sustainability. In a business context, risks are broadly categorized as either internal or external, or whether or not they are controllable...

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  • Industry group uses awareness month to lobby for data breach laws

    The Cyber Security Industry Alliance is shifting from educating businesses to targeting members of Congress in its push for tougher data security and data breach notification laws.

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  • Industry groups, businesses attempt security awareness training plan

    Security training and education is one of the first investments made by an organizations after poor audit results or a data breach, experts say.

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  • Would you consider hiring someone with a background in customer service for a security position?

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  • SN blogs: The next generation of cyber security

    SN blogs: This week analysts highlight the next generation of cyber security, which includes identity management tools as well as strengthening people skills.

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