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December 31, 2013  8:53 PM

Web development mastery for 2014

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Mobile Development, Website Development

Job descriptions for web developers tend to contain a long wishlist of skills competency employers hope to find in quality candidates. Mastering every programming language on any "best of" list can prove to be a monumental task for any developer. Choose instead to master languages that have held...

December 31, 2013  4:08 PM

Cloud Development Tool Wishlist for 2014

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Cloud Services, Development Tools, Productivity, Website Development

Cloud-based development tools have improved during 2013. Codenvy is among the leaders in browser-based code editors making huge strides through the year. Improvements seen this year can only mean next year's best cloud IDE will be even better. To help with these future improvements, I offer my...

December 30, 2013  10:36 PM

Zend PHP Cloud Hosting for All

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Cloud Services, Website Development, Website Hosting

Cloud hosting services are a growing market as this blog can attest. Cloud-based development tools and hosting are a perfect match. Today, we'll take a look at PHP Cloud hosting. While not new in age, it may be new to you. Major selling points for PHP Cloud include collaboration, detailed audit...

October 13, 2013  6:06 PM

Real-time CSS/HTML Collaboration with CSS Deck

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Development Tools, Productivity, Training, Website Development

CSS & HTML are my two favorite web languages. Separating structure from design is one of my favorite features of the pair. During the early 2000s I was learning bits of html. Learning table markup was one of the most boring aspects of my studies. I soon learned about the magical separation of...

August 24, 2013  1:18 PM

Getting Started with WordPress on Red Hat OpenShift

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Cloud Services, Open Source, SaaS, Website Development, Website Hosting

Making a leap to the cloud can be a small hop if you start with a simple personal project. I've been curious about Red Hat's OpenShift for a while so I decided to find out if I could set up a WordPress site on the service. I attempted the task without reading through lengthy documentation and...

June 30, 2013  6:35 PM

What’s a Developer to do with a Google Chromebook? Develop in the cloud.

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Development Tools, Website Development

code-envyDevelopers do not readily envision the Chromebook as a development machine. Rather, the Chromebook is seen as a neat idea for anyone but developers....

April 7, 2013  11:30 PM

Code-Free Website Development for Designers

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
SaaS, Website Development

Code-free WYSIWYG editors for designers aren't a new concept in the website development world. Generated code produced by some of these editors, in past years, has been pretty awful. Plenty of these web-based editors lacked control or weiled an unusually user unfriendly interface. Sites created...

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