Developing Clouds:

November, 2013

November 30, 2013  11:55 PM

Cloud Computing for Kids

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Development Tools, Scratch

The cloud-based version of Scratch was released in March 2013. The M.I.T. team behind

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November 30, 2013  11:14 PM

Hey, you missed a bracket! Real-time pair programming and collaboration with Floobits

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Development Tools

Floobits is a real-time remote pair programming tool that can connect you with your collaborators from the comfort of your desktop IDE or from the browser. The concept is similar to the collaboration editor found at

November 30, 2013  5:22 PM

The Most Compelling Cloud-based Tools of 2013

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Cloud Services, Development Tools, Productivity

Tis the season of thankfulness, kindness, and the everlasting joy of code editing right from the browser. I am thankful for every hour spent creating these magnificent tools from which I have taken many screen shots and tested on multiple occasions. Your functions, be them many or few, I find...

November 30, 2013  4:47 PM

Wolfram Language Coming to the Cloud

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Cloud Services, Development Tools

Stephen Wolfram announced a new symbolic programming language in mid-November. The Wolfram Language is a general-purpose...

November 1, 2013  1:45 AM

Geo Location Services in the Cloud

Posted by: Michelle Greenlee
Cloud Services, Mobile Development

Australian eHound offers an impressive geo-location database service in the cloud. The database backend is managed by eHound behind a well-designed user interface. Even non-technical users can upload and edit location data with ease from...

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