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May 25, 2010  5:00 PM

Sybase SP_Who modified

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, Stored Procedures, Sybase

A while back I wrote a post about how I took a system stored Proc called SP_WHO and I modified it to only give me results for a certian subset of logins to the Sybase server. I let it run once an hour every hour for two weeks and then presented the numbers to my boss. He was very pleased that I was...

May 12, 2010  5:00 PM

Modify sp_who in Sybase

Posted by: Colin Smith

After the Sybase upgrade, my boss needed to know how many users we have connecting to a specific database using a specific application. In order to accomplish this I extracted sp_who and modified it to gather the information that I needed. I also did not overwrite the original sp_who but I had it...

May 11, 2010  5:16 PM

Sybase DR

Posted by: Colin Smith
DDL, DDLGEN, Disaster Recovery, Sybase

Recently I did an upgrade from Sybase 12.5 to Sybase 15.0 and this upgrade changed some system tables that broke the scripts that we had in place to generate DDL for all the devices and database creates. I have been working on fixing this issue and I have resolved the issue by modifying our scripts...

April 29, 2010  9:32 PM

ddlgen in Sybase

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, DDL, DDLGEN, Sybase

I completed an upgrade from Sybase 12.5 to Sybase 15.0 recently and I found that it ended up breaking some scripts that we use to generate ddl for all instance devices and all create databases. The scripts that we were using were writting log ago by people that are no longer working for the...

April 5, 2010  8:06 PM

24 Hours of Sybase

Posted by: Colin Smith
Communication, Planning, Sybase, Upgrade

So last week was our big go live of Sybase 15 in a production environment. Wow it did not go as smooth as I had hoped. 24 hours of College Basketball, 24 Hours of PASS, and perhaps 24 hours of some other things are pretty cool and fun, but 24 hours of Sybase was not. Now do not get me wrong, we had...

March 30, 2010  3:02 AM

Sybase 15 Upgrade Issues before the upgrade

Posted by: Colin Smith
Co-Workers, DBA, Politics, Sybase, Sybase 15, Upgrade

I have been working on a upgrade for one of our production systems from Sybase 12.5 to Sybase 15 for some time now. I, and my team, have done all the work from a DBA perspective to make sure that we are good to go for the upgrade. We have a system ready for testing and have provided connectivity...

September 22, 2009  4:55 PM

Sybase Instance Scare

Posted by: Colin Smith
DR, Sybase, Sybase Administration

Monday morning my company was putting in a new UPS at our DR facility. This is great but it means that all database instances that are running at that location are coming down as power to the entire site was down for 2 hours. No big deal right, I got a list of the instances and shut them all down...

July 17, 2009  3:59 PM

Update sysindexes table in Sybase 12.5.4

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, DBA, Sybase, Update System Tables

I am moving a Sybase instance from one host to another. I have done all the installation and patching and I have loaded all the databases with little to no issues. I ran into a big issue when attempting to change to indexes in sysservers to allow duplicate rows. I had to go and find out what the...

March 31, 2009  3:57 PM

Sybase Learning Continued

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database, Database Administration, Education, Sybase

Today I came back into the office after having a week off. It is always hard to come back into the office but it is nice to get back into the swing of things as well. When I arrived I found some new Sybase books sitting on my desk. Now I know that my company is not going to send me to another class...

February 20, 2009  9:20 PM

Sybase Kill Runaway Process

Posted by: Colin Smith
SQL, Sybase

I am working on a stored proc that will be launched by a threshold that I set up on the log segment of my databases. It is a bit of work but I think that it will be nice not to get the page that someone has written some poor SQL and is filling up the log segment. I will not be running this in...

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