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June 9, 2010  3:24 PM

SQL Saturday 47 Swag

Posted by: Colin Smith
Free Training, SQL Saturday, sql saturday 47

The Powershell stickers have arrived. [caption id="attachment_390" align="aligncenter" width="218" caption="PS Sticker"]PS...</p>			</div>

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June 4, 2010  4:37 PM

SQL Saturday #47 in Phoenix

Posted by: Colin Smith
Events, Free Training, Phoenix, SQL Saturday, SQL Training

Hey all, Phoenix is getting closer to SQL Saturday. The event is going to be held on July 17th at the DeVry Univeristy Campus located at: DeVRY University 2149 West Dunlap Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021 We have some great sessions that have been submitted and it should be a great...

April 21, 2010  3:51 PM

SQL Saturday 47 Phoenix Session

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, SQL Saturday, Training

Well I have done it now. After a Debate with a few people on twitter talking about whether or not Powershell is worth the time to learn I decided I would do a session about it. Why a DBA needs to know Powershell. It will be a basic 100 level session about what powershell is, how to install and...

April 19, 2010  4:50 PM

SQL Saturday in Phoenix

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, Education, SQL Saturday, sql saturday 47, SQL Server, Training

I have posted this before, but I was asked to post about it again. SQL Saturday is a go for Phoenix. We have a date of July 17th at the

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March 30, 2010  2:50 AM

The SQL Server Community

Posted by: Colin Smith
Help, PASS, SQL Admin, SQL community

As you know, I am pretty new to being a DBA and new to the community of SQL Server. I come from a background of being a Windows Administrator and I can say, that I never really found a lot of support from a community. I really never found a community to ask for support. I can honestly say that is...

March 23, 2010  8:06 PM


Posted by: Colin Smith
Blogging, Integrity, Plagiarism, SQL Server Community, Theft

Yesterday I saw a lot of tweets about some plagiarism happening in the SQL Server Community. And even still today I see @sqltech2 defending his position on the matter. I am still pretty new to this community and I am also still pretty new to blogging. I understand that @sqltech2 would like to help...

March 23, 2010  4:14 PM

Phoenix SQL Saturday Update

Posted by: Colin Smith
Events, SQL Administration. MS SQL, SQL Saturday, Training

So it is going to happen. A couple venues are under consideration, sounds like we may have a few sponsers, and we are looking at mid to late July for the event. I can not wait. I just got off the phone with Quest Software and...

March 12, 2010  5:28 PM

Phoenix SQL Saturday

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, MS SQL Server, PASS, SQL Saturday

Like I said in my last post, I attended my first users group and it was announced that a SQL Saturday is in the early planning stages. I am excited about this and since I am so excited I contacted Samson Loo, who is the one that made the anouncement, to see if I could help and also if I could post...

March 12, 2010  11:30 AM

First SQL Servers User Group Meeting

Posted by: Colin Smith

Last night I attended my first SQL Servers Users Group here in Phoenix. I a so happy that we have one. It was a good meeting, I arrived and apperantly the speaker that was supposed to present was sick and could not make it. Luckily for us, the meetings are help at the MS offices here, and a MS...

March 11, 2010  10:30 AM

Free Training

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, Education, Free, SQL Server, Training

Last week I came into work 2 hours early so I could be a part of a free all day training event. I am very glad that I did , but do not worry if you did not see it live. Since it was all web based you can get all the good content at your own pace. Check it out at

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