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April 27, 2012  3:54 PM

More reporting work

Posted by: Colin Smith
Jobs, Powershell, Reporting

I told you about the SQL server jobs repository I was buyilding, and that is done. It works great and I have one report written that gives me an overview of all the jobs in my environment and what succeeded and what failed in the past 24 hours. That is very nice but because of that, I noticed a few...

May 26, 2010  7:00 AM

Powershell to get unique login count from SQL Server

Posted by: Colin Smith
AD, Administration, DBA, Powershell, Reporting

Just like I needed to get a count of unique logins to an application on one of our Sybase instances I also needed to get these values for a few of our SQL Servers. Since SQL Server uses mixed mode authentication and we are using AD groups to aid in the security of the SQL Server, I could not just...

June 25, 2009  3:30 PM

SQL Server Health Report

Posted by: Colin Smith
Microsoft, Monitoring, MSSQL, Powershell, Reporting, SQL Server

Yesterday I posted about a great article that I found on how to use Powershell to create an excel file and also use SMO to get information about SQL Server. I am working on a report that I will have run daily. This report is going to give me an overall health check of my SQL Servers. I am going to...

June 23, 2009  7:54 PM

Powershell and SQL Server

Posted by: Colin Smith
MSSQL, Powershell, Reporting, SQL Server

Today I wanted to use Powershell to create a report about my SQL Servers. I found a great article about how to do this using Excel at this link.  the author does a great job here and has a great sample script that you can start with and then modify as you...


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