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January 26, 2011  8:00 AM

What is DR??

Posted by: Colin Smith
DR, Planning, Recovery

What is DR? How do you define it? I would really like to know. Please put your thoughts in the comments but a recent event has made me re-think what DR truly is. I have a SQL Server that is very mission critical and if the database is not up and accessible the company is losing money. This is...

July 30, 2010  10:00 AM

Backup and Restore

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, Recovery, Restore

I am fighting a battle right now of whether or not I, the DBA, or the backup team at my company should be in charge of backups and restores of the SQL Server Databases in the company. We use Netbackup with a SQL Agent to back up the databases and I am still not sure that I am a huge fan of that. I...

May 28, 2010  6:16 PM

Database Restores

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, Powershell, Recovery

In my environment we have a few instances where the customer would like to have a refresh done from Production to a test server. This is good for me since it gives me a chance to test my backups and make sure that they are good. It is good for the developers because then they are working witht the...

May 19, 2009  10:10 PM


Posted by: Colin Smith
Disaster, Recovery, Systems Administration

We had a bit of fun today. The AC units in our secondary data center went out. This, as you can imagine, caused a bit of a panic. We have some DR stuff, Test, Dev, and some Production that runs from this facility and we certainly do not want to lose any hardware. We were in a mad rush to determine...


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