The Multifunctioning DBA:


June 23, 2011  4:33 PM


Posted by: Colin Smith
AZ POSH, POSH, Powershell, Training

The Arizona Powershell users group has started posting meeting videos online. this is very cool because I usually do not have the ability to get to the meetings but I would love to see the content. So far the content has been great and I really hope that they can continue to post these for us....

June 22, 2011  8:23 PM

Fail over Mirror database with Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
DR, Mirror, Mirror Fail over, Powershell

Today I was asked if I could help out by writing a simple script that would fail over a mirrored database from one server to the other and back if and when needed. I thought sure I can. I mean to do the failover with T-SQL is really simple but I can automate it. So here is the T-SQL to fail...

June 1, 2011  7:49 PM

Great Powershell Article

Posted by: Colin Smith
IT Pros, Powershell, Scripting

I found this article today and I thought I should mention it and then post a bit about some of the comments that I see. So go check out the article at and also read the...

May 27, 2011  11:59 PM

Powershell Start and Stop -job

Posted by: Colin Smith
Background Jobs, Powershell

Today I finished writing a couple scripts that are going to be gathering perfmon counters and pushing them into a DB for me. This is great but I am going to need to run two separate scripts that do this at the same time. So I found Start-job and End-job. these are great because now I can just write...

April 29, 2011  4:12 PM

Powershell Data Sets

Posted by: Colin Smith

Yesterday I got a call from a coworker who was having an issue with a script. He was looking to get some properties from an object and check the values. The problem is that the properties that he was checking also happened to be a collection of objects. So the problem he was having is that you can...

April 6, 2011  10:07 PM

PowerShell Plus Licence giveaway

Posted by: Colin Smith
Free, Powershell, SQL Saturday

Just like in Phoenix I will have two Full PowerShell Plus Licenses to give away during my Powershell session. I will also have a 25% off promo code for everyone and anyone else that would like to purchase the product. I have to thank

March 30, 2011  4:47 PM

SQL Saturday #73

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, SQL Saturday #73, Training

Call for speakers has closed and the schedule is up. Looks like it will be a fantastic event and I am excited to be a part of it. Check out the SQL Saturday #73 Home page and look for yourself. It is a free day of training with some great...

March 18, 2011  5:14 PM

Doing the Impossible

Posted by: Colin Smith
Backups, Powershell, Problem Solving

I ran into a situation that I do not know that I have ever had before but it really turned out to be a lot of fun and I thought I would share. So I know a company that uses a third party utility to handle backing up and restoring databases. They asked me to come in and look at the way things...

February 25, 2011  6:02 PM

SQL Saturday #73

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, Speaking, SQL Saturday, SQL Saturday #73

After having so much fun at SQL Saturday #47 in Phoenix I decided to try it out again in Orange County. On April 9th I will be speaking at the Orange County SQL Saturday. I will be doing the same presentation that I did in Phoenix. "Powershell for the DBA", it was so much fun the first time that I...

February 18, 2011  10:29 PM

SQL Saturday Presenters Dinner

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, Presenting, SQL Saturday

So it is Friday before the big event and many of the speakers for tomorrows event are getting together for dinner tonight. I am really looking forward to this and I am about to pack up my stuff for the day and head over to dinner. This is a long drive for me but should be a lot of fun. I am looking...

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