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October 29, 2009  8:00 PM

Windows 7

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Streaming, Microsoft Windows, Windows

I have played with one of the preview releases and I liked it just fine. I just read some good info on Engadget that leads me to believe that I will like Windows 7 just because of the media center upgrades that have been done. I...

August 20, 2009  4:05 PM

TV Conversion Update

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Streaming, Save Money, TV, TV Update

So I have been working on this for a few days and everything is going pretty well. I have two WINTV-HVR 950Q External USB 2.0 HD Tuners connected to my PC. These things are great. Highty recommend them if you are looking for a good easy Tuner for under $100 dollars. I got mine on sale for $70.00....

August 18, 2009  5:29 PM

TV Conversion

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Streaming, Save Money, TV

Now that all TV Signals are digital and so much content is availaible online, I have decided to throw all my satallite stuff out and use OTA and the Internet for all my media needs. I have just started the process and have hit a few hurdles but overall I think that this is going to work out very...

January 20, 2009  5:36 PM

Video Streaming

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Straming, Movies, Playstation3

I am very close to not renewing my Satellite subscription when it ends. This is because you can get almost any TV Show that you want from the internet. Once they are available on line you have a number of options available to you to get that media to your television.

  1. You can build or...


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