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June 29, 2010  7:30 PM

New Toy part 2

Posted by: Colin Smith
File Protection, Media Streaming, WHS

So I got in my WHS machine and I set it up. I have not had the time to really dive in to deep yet but so far so good and I love it. I have been able to upgrade the storage to 4 TB with no issue at all. Put the drive in the tray and slide it in. It takes a second but as soon as the light stays on...

October 29, 2009  8:00 PM

Windows 7

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Streaming, Microsoft Windows, Windows

I have played with one of the preview releases and I liked it just fine. I just read some good info on Engadget that leads me to believe that I will like Windows 7 just because of the media center upgrades that have been done. I...

August 20, 2009  4:05 PM

TV Conversion Update

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Streaming, Save Money, TV, TV Update

So I have been working on this for a few days and everything is going pretty well. I have two WINTV-HVR 950Q External USB 2.0 HD Tuners connected to my PC. These things are great. Highty recommend them if you are looking for a good easy Tuner for under $100 dollars. I got mine on sale for $70.00....

August 18, 2009  5:29 PM

TV Conversion

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Streaming, Save Money, TV

Now that all TV Signals are digital and so much content is availaible online, I have decided to throw all my satallite stuff out and use OTA and the Internet for all my media needs. I have just started the process and have hit a few hurdles but overall I think that this is going to work out very...


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