The Multifunctioning DBA:



June 29, 2011  7:00 PM

Not Paying For Cable or Satalite

Posted by: Colin Smith
Entertainment, Internet TV

In the recent weeks I have had many people come up to me and ask about how I get TV content without a Cable or Satellite provider. The answer is pretty simple really. I use Over The Air (OTA) for all local content and the internet for the rest. I am sure that there are many ways to do this but I...

June 26, 2009  3:11 PM

Shocking Death of an Icon

Posted by: Colin Smith
Entertainment, Jackson, Micheal, Micheal Jackson, Tragedy

Since I work for a news media outlet I thought that I would comment on this news. Michael Jackson's untimely death. Everyone knows about Michael and all the controversy that has surrounded him for many years now. whether or not you are a fan, a hater, you believe he has been guilty or innocent of...


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