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Domain Administration


July 23, 2009  9:43 PM

More with Quest AD Powershell CMDLETS

Posted by: Colin Smith
Active Directory, Domain Administration, Microsoft Windows, Powershell, Windows, Windows Administration

I am continuing work on the script that I am converting from VBScript to Powershell and I must say that it is going quite well with the help of the Quest cmdlets. In the script I want to go through a particular OU and delete any accounts that are currntly disabled, and were created a minimum of 180...

July 22, 2009  9:59 PM

Get List of all DC’s in your Domain

Posted by: Colin Smith
Domain Administration, Powershell, Windows Administration

I am working on converting a vbscript that I wrote a couple of years ago into a powershell script. This script requires that I query all of the Domain Controllers in my domain to get the most up to date data that is possible. I used the Quest AD Commanlets and they made it easy. I have discussed...


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