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May 11, 2010  5:16 PM

Sybase DR

Posted by: Colin Smith
DDL, DDLGEN, Disaster Recovery, Sybase

Recently I did an upgrade from Sybase 12.5 to Sybase 15.0 and this upgrade changed some system tables that broke the scripts that we had in place to generate DDL for all the devices and database creates. I have been working on fixing this issue and I have resolved the issue by modifying our scripts...

April 29, 2010  9:32 PM

ddlgen in Sybase

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, DDL, DDLGEN, Sybase

I completed an upgrade from Sybase 12.5 to Sybase 15.0 recently and I found that it ended up breaking some scripts that we use to generate ddl for all instance devices and all create databases. The scripts that we were using were writting log ago by people that are no longer working for the...


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