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August 21, 2012  4:29 PM

Powershell to get DB Role Members Report into Excel

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database, Excel, Powershell

Recently I had an application support group ask if I could get a report of all the members of the database roles that the application uses. I thought about it and, you know me, I thought, POWERSHELL!! Of course I can do that, I will get you a spreadsheet with that data as soon as I can. Off to...

August 18, 2012  10:36 PM

Windows 8 Enterprise Activation

Posted by: Colin Smith

I mentioned that I downloaded Windows 8 from my TechNet subscription, but I had one heck of a time getting it to activate. When installing the Enterprise version the installer never asks you for your product key. I thought this was strange but I went with it until I could not customize my desktop...

January 10, 2012  8:00 AM

DBA is a full time job

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, Rant

Today I received a call from a co-worker at my previous job. It was great to hear from him and catch up, but the main purpose of his call was not just to see how I was doing with the new kid. Of course not right, why would I even think that. Now do not get me wrong, I do not mind getting calls from...

August 18, 2011  8:47 PM


Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, SQL Server, SQLSkills, Training

I am way behind on doing this post as well as the series that I would like to do about the IE1 Class that I attended in August. First and foremost I have to say that this is the BEST TRAINING I have ever had. I have been to other training classes for other RDBMS's but this is BY FAR the BEST I have...

January 30, 2011  9:21 PM

Triggers for protection

Posted by: Colin Smith
Audit, DBA, MS SQL Admin

I have recently had to find a way to prevent someone that has elevated privileges from removing logins, databases, as well as keep them from adding new databases to my production systems. I was amazed at how easy this was to do thanks to event level ddl triggers. I created a table in master called...

January 30, 2011  6:45 AM

DBA Hours

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, Hours

When I was in school I thought that being a sysadmin would be about the best job in the world. I was close, I did not know how much fun it would be doing the job of a DBA. So after I became a DBA I loved it and really do enjoy my work and the fact that no matter how much I learn about it I still...

January 28, 2011  5:48 PM

Recent SQL Disaster

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, DBA, MSSQL Server

In my last post about the disabled sa account I mentioned that I would have more on why I could not use windows authentication to get to my SQL Server instance. Here is the short of it and I know many of you will be screaming at the screen as you read this. Again this is a server that I have walked...

January 28, 2011  2:11 AM

Disabled SA account

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, DR, enable sa, sqlhelp

I recently had a situation where something happened to my SQL Server and I could no longer log in using windows authentication. I will get more into what happened in another post. Let me just preface all this by saying that I inherited this mess. Anyway, thanks to

December 7, 2010  9:14 PM

Setting Min and Max Memory settings in SQL with Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
DBA, memory, Powershell, SMO, SQL Server

So today I was thinking about some of the things that are currently not set up properly on some of my servers. I got to thinking that a lot of them were never set up properly for Min and Max Server memory. Most of them, that were installed before my time, are set up with the defaults and as you all...

November 24, 2010  6:52 PM

Find Database Files with Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
Add new tag, DBA, Powershell, Scripting

I recently had a request to go out and find the logical name and the physical name of mdf and ldf files in sql server. I thought this might be a good place to use powershell and the invoke-sqlcmd cmd-let that is with sqlserver2008 snapin. Here is an example of what I did to find the files for...

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