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Database Administration

August 16, 2012  3:45 PM

Database Virtulization

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, Database Virtualization, MS SQL, MS SQL Admin, MS SQL Server

Some of you may see the name of this post and think that I am going to talk about running SQL Server on VMWare or HyperV. Well that is sort of correct but not really. I am involved in the very early beta testing of a new product that will let you provision VDB's. I am not going to mention names...

August 16, 2012  3:08 PM

Easy way to find bytes per cluster on your disk

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, Data Files, Database Administration, Disk Performance

I recently learned a new windows command that is not the most intuitive, but it is nice.  I know that when I get a server and I am told that all my volumes are ready to go for SQL Server, I want to make sure that I have a 64K block. This command makes it easy to verify.   fsutil fsinfo...

January 28, 2011  5:48 PM

Recent SQL Disaster

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, DBA, MSSQL Server

In my last post about the disabled sa account I mentioned that I would have more on why I could not use windows authentication to get to my SQL Server instance. Here is the short of it and I know many of you will be screaming at the screen as you read this. Again this is a server that I have walked...

August 14, 2009  8:56 PM

Random Password Script Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, Passwords, Powershell, Windows Administration

I was recently asked if I could write a script that would create a random password based on a word list. The password needs to have a capital letter, a special character, and a number. The password also has to be made up of two seperate words that are in the word list. my words.csv file is...

July 30, 2009  3:17 PM

Add a AD Group to MSSQL Server and add to a role using Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, DBA, Groups, Powershell, Roles, SQL Server

In SQL Server 2005 the Builtin Administrators group is a login, by default, to your MSSQL Server Instance and is also a member of the sysadmin role. Well this has been changed in SQL Server 2008 with good reason. I decided that I would like to add a group for my DBA Group to every SQL Server in...

July 28, 2009  10:18 PM

Migrating SQL 2005 Reporting Services

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, MSSQL, MSSQL Administration, MSSQL Server, Reporting Services

I have been asked to help with Migrating a SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services server from one host to another. I set up a couple VM's and away I went. I found that it is pretty straight forward though. I did run into a couple little hickups along the way but nothing to dificult. I did have a...

July 24, 2009  3:47 PM

Another New Language

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, DBA, Education, Monitoring, Perl, Scripting

My team is going to be developing a new application that will handle all of our monitoring. Currently that includes the monitoring of Sybase Servers, Oracle Instances, and MSSQL Servers. We will also be adding another Database Type that will house all of the Monitoring data. We will be using a...

July 21, 2009  3:29 PM

SQL Server 2008 Learning

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, Education, MSSQL Administration, MSSQL Server, SQL Server

I found this nice article that I thought I should pass on regarding Learning SQL Server 2008.,295582,sid87_gci1361184,00.html?track=sy41 The article talks about key features and enhancments from SQL Server 2005, BI, Security, and more good...

July 17, 2009  8:19 PM

Powershell Add a Login to SQL Server

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, MSSQL Server, Powershell, SQL Server

I have a need to write a script that will check to see if a Windows Group exists on a server instance and if not then add it. I was attempting to do this using Powershell and SMO, but I was not really having any luck with that. I changed modes and I have decided to use the invoke-sqlcmd commandlet...

July 17, 2009  3:59 PM

Update sysindexes table in Sybase 12.5.4

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, DBA, Sybase, Update System Tables

I am moving a Sybase instance from one host to another. I have done all the installation and patching and I have loaded all the databases with little to no issues. I ran into a big issue when attempting to change to indexes in sysservers to allow duplicate rows. I had to go and find out what the...

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