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August 16, 2012  3:08 PM

Easy way to find bytes per cluster on your disk

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, Data Files, Database Administration, Disk Performance

I recently learned a new windows command that is not the most intuitive, but it is nice.  I know that when I get a server and I am told that all my volumes are ready to go for SQL Server, I want to make sure that I have a 64K block. This command makes it easy to verify.   fsutil fsinfo...

October 12, 2011  1:56 PM

Powershell Script to check if data and log files are growing by percent

Posted by: Colin Smith
Data Files, Growth, Log Files, Powershell

In my new shop we try to grow our data and log files by a specific amount and not by a percentage. Our team lead ran into a database that had not been set up properly and wanted someone to check all our databases to verify that they have been set up correctly. Since I am the new guy and...


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