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August, 2011

August 31, 2011  10:00 AM

SQL Server Authentication

Posted by: Colin Smith
Rant, SQL Server

I love when I am working with a Application team and they request an account to be created in order to have x access to y database on the server. The AD account gets created and I add that login to the server and map it to the database and give it the level af access that the application team has...

August 30, 2011  9:00 PM

Fantasy Football

Posted by: Colin Smith
Football, Fun

This year in my IT league for Fantasy Football the guy that is the commissioner is out of town for our draft and some how I was nominated to be the commissioner and run the draft. While this is an honor it really is not something that I am prepared to do. But I will give it a shot and see how it...

August 30, 2011  3:33 PM


Posted by: Colin Smith
Football, Fun

Football is back and the regular season is about to start. I am excited about it but I do not know about you but I am pretty frustrated with all professional sports. When the lockout occurred I would have been fine with no season and even better if the league would have said your fired to all the...

August 27, 2011  9:00 AM

SQL Server Accounts password policies

Posted by: Colin Smith
SQL Server

When creating a SQL Server level account and not using windows authentication, how do you set things up so that you know you have a complex password that meets your requirments? Well that is what the is_policy_checked option is for. If that is set = 1 then SQL Server will read your password policy...

August 26, 2011  9:00 PM

Gamestop to stop selling Game?

Posted by: Colin Smith

That is correct! because of agreements that Gamestop has with Square Enix the publisher of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Gamestop will not sell the game as it was shipped with a coupon for online PC play free via Square’s OnLive gaming service. At first Gamestop was just opening every box and...

August 26, 2011  3:31 PM

Root EVO 3D

Posted by: Colin Smith

Thanks to HTC I was able to root my EVO3D. I have not put another ROM on it and I am not going to yet. I am very happy with the stock ROM and everything works great but it is very nice to have the phone rooted so that I can do some things with it that were not possible before. So if you have an HTC...

August 25, 2011  12:40 AM

Goodbye Steve

Posted by: Colin Smith
Apple, End of an Era, Steve Jobs

Wow Steve Jobs finally steps down.  Check it out here. I must say that I have never been a big Apple fan, not just the computers but any of the products apple puts out. Sure the Ipod and the Iphone are nice and...

August 24, 2011  3:35 PM

HP Touchpad

Posted by: Colin Smith
Cheap, Gadget, Tablet

If you are like me you missed out on the crazy sale of the HP touchpads. but I just got on a mailing list to find out when more will be available. Here is a link.

August 20, 2011  10:00 AM

SQL Server SP install Fail Issue

Posted by: Colin Smith
Errors, SQL Server

Last week I came across a SQL Server that was running 2005 SP2 and I thought "hmm I should upgrade this to SP4'" So I got a time to do it and I went along my merry way. Well I started the install and everything installed just fine except the database engine failed. The error in the log file said...

August 19, 2011  4:53 PM

EVO 3D Bug Fixed

Posted by: Colin Smith
Android, Phone

Earlier this month I did a post evo3d-bug-that-is-the-most-annoying and I wanted to do a follow up on that and let you know that the BUG has been fixed. Yesterday I got an upgrade to 2.3.4 and now when...

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