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August, 2010

August 30, 2010  10:00 AM

Exchange Email Changes (Users meet Mialboxes)

Posted by: Colin Smith
Exchange Scripting, Powershell, Scripting

Now that I have both the users stored in an array and the mailboxes stored in another array it is time to start making sure that I am working with a mailbox and a user account that match up. I do not want to look at my user account and Johns Mailbox and start making changes based on what I find in...

August 29, 2010  8:00 PM

Exchange Email Changes (Users)

Posted by: Colin Smith
Automation, Exchange Scripting, Powershell, Scripting

Last time we went through and got a list of all the mailboxes and out put all smtp addreses to $comparefile. This time we need to get all of the ad records that are associated with the same OU. Now to do this you need the quest ad tools. At least that is how I did it. So here we go, this is pretty...

August 29, 2010  10:00 AM

Exchange Email Changes (Mailboxes)

Posted by: Colin Smith
Exchange, Exchange Scripting, Powershell, Scripting

So lets dive into some of the code in order to get this thing done. This post will be in multiple parts since I actually am still not done writing the code. I have done the majority of it at this time and can start sharing thought. So one thing that you need to know is that I am working on this for...

August 28, 2010  10:00 AM

Exchange Email Changes (Obstacle)

Posted by: Colin Smith
Exchange, Powershell, Scripting

I have run into a pretty big obstacle with my email change script. So right now I did some testing and I am able to assign the same smtp address to multiple people. I think it is a replication issue that I am running into and so I am not getting an error stating that a smtp address is in use when I...

August 27, 2010  9:00 PM

Accidental DBA

Posted by: Colin Smith
SQL Server

I just spoke with a DBA that needed some help and I was happy to help because I know that I was in his shoes not long ago. Now some of the questions that he had seem scary to hear but I was that guy not long ago and if others would not have helped me then I would have had a very rough time getting...

August 27, 2010  10:00 AM

Exchange Email Changes (Policy)

Posted by: Colin Smith
Exchange, Exchange Scripting, Powershell, Scripting

Another thing that I have found is that you are not able to change the primary smtp address for a mailbox if the mailbox has the emailaddresspolicyenabled flag set to true. Since in my case we want all uses to conform to the new standard, if the script determines that the Primary address needs to...

August 26, 2010  7:00 PM

Exchange Email Changes

Posted by: Colin Smith
Exchange, Powershell

Part 2 in this series I am going to go over why a email policy would not work and why we are scripting this out. So here is the deal, according to my Exchange admin for a policy to work all the users or mailboxes in an ou have to have that policy applied. We did not want to affect all the users...

August 26, 2010  10:00 AM

Fantasy Football

Posted by: Colin Smith
Fun, Games

Tomorrow I have my first Fantasy Football Draft. I got talked into joining a league with my fellow IT group. I enjoy watching football but I am not one to keep track of stats and even players, unless they are on a team that I really like. So I am going into my draft blind so to speak and will...

August 25, 2010  7:13 PM

Powershell Script to modify thousands of email records

Posted by: Colin Smith
Automation, Exchange, Powershell, Scripting

Like I said I have been tasked with a project to make thousands of modifications to our email addresses at my company. The rules are pretty complex and the Exchange Admin said that because it is not really a blanket thing that a policy will not help us. Good news for me though, now I get to do a...

August 25, 2010  8:00 AM

SSIS issue connecting to database

Posted by: Colin Smith

I have been welcomed back from vacation with an SSIS package that is no longer able to connect to an instance. I have been troubleshooting the issue and I have found that the location where the developer was storing connection objects no longer exists. I had the developer save the connection...

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